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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My phone got swag too!

What does SWAG means? Nowadays we can see this common word in some hip hop songs, fashion, movies and even novels. So who knows the real meaning behind the word? Okay I just went google about it and came out with millions answers such as style, coolness, confidence etc. I also spotted something funny which people claimed that SWAG means Secretly We Are Gay. HAHAHA so guys, now you know don't simply say this word to your guy friends huh

So recently I was introduced to this new online store called Swaggy. Basically Swaggy is a reliable online store which provides good quality and affordable phone accessories such as phone cases, pluggy and external charger. Note that their store is just two months old, so don't expect they have millions choices for you but you can still pm them for any enquiries :) Not forgot to mention, the owner of Swaggy is a blogger too! Find out who is it, maybe you will get some discount from her :p *just joking!*

Things that I got from Swaggy; two casing & a screen protector

I'm a big fans of Paul Frank but I can't wear any monkey-related clothes due to the "Four Pillars of my birth time" 时辰八字 so I'm really happy that I got this casing!! yay

*side view*

Currently using the superman one so I'll have more pictures of it hehe :D

Love the details of this casing :)

It just fits my phone so well and the quality is superb, I swear!

Camwhore with the casing straight the moment I got it teehee! *excited*

Swag much? With the swaggy casing, it's like an extra accessories for me. It is definitely a plus point for lazy people who doesn't dress up! Let's see what else they have in store :)

YSL iPhone 5 hard case which I love it so much but sadly I don't own an iPhone :(

Marc by Marc Jacobs inspired

Celine earphone pluggy

Hello kitty external charger. I'm not a big fan of hello kitty but this is so cute!

Tempted to get them on your hands now? Drop your order at Swaggy facebook page or email to Have a blessed day xx


  1. The Paul Frank case is so cute! and Hello Kitty charger too!! :D

  2. That is the hello kitty charger Cheesie use to have! lovely!

    1. Yeah yeah, go check it out at @swaggy in fb!

  3. The 2nd case is so pretty! I'm changing my phone to Note 2 soon. Can't wait to get new covers for her :)

  4. The celine bags are so cute!!! ^^
    Don't forget to check my anniversary giveaway!

  5. MBMJ ones are very nice!!

  6. Oh, U are using at Note 2 Phone too!
    High 5 with note 2 back cover without blocking our half beautiful face with flip cover.

  7. I really love that 2nd case!!

    I am hosting a giveaway on my blog and I think you would be intrested-
    Win A Free Piece From Oasap on my blog!

  8. wow so nice le! i saw wendy also got one frm same online shop too :)

    Celine earphone pluggy is very cute!

    1. Haha yeah yeah, but difference from mine :D

  9. I like the Paul Frank casing !!!

  10. Wohoo! Super love how a phone cover can spiced up our phone looks! And im currently using the Marc by Jacob owl one. >.< The last one on ur pic! kekeke

  11. got spongebob tak?? owh yeah, i'm a note 2 user too! *high 5*

    1. hmmm if not mistaken dont have haha but you can request from them one! :D


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