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Monday, May 20, 2013

Of Delectable by Su, Bag of Love and beauty butterflies!

Few weeks ago, I was invited to the unboxing unzipping tea party with fellow beauty bloggers at Delectable by Su, Paradigm Mall held by the Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers feat. Bag of Love. I was so excited because I'm one of the lucky one who get to attend this event out of 140 participants out there.

When I just stepped into Delectable by Su, I was greeted by tons of pretty cupcakes and desserts well decorated on the table. For a moment, I thought I was fell into Alice's wonderland ngawww...

such a lovely environment for tea :) *most of the photos credit to the Butterfly project*

Cupcakes special designed with butterfly and love on it :)

Caramel chestnut yummm

After the photoshoot session with the pretty desserts, here's a short welcome speech by the founder of Bag of Love, Mimi. She is a beauty addict and she buys beauty products by bulk! She also spent more than half a decade as a beauty writer for some of Malaysia's top beauty and fashion magazines. With this background along with her love for all things beauty-related, she was thinking what she can do and share her interest with all other beauty addicts out there. So she have decided to start her own beauty box bag, Bag of Love.

While listening to Mimi, everyone starts digging in the tea time treats prepared by Delectable Su. Fyi the Delectable Su tea time treats available from 2-6pm everyday. They only charge you for RM15 for one person and RM28 for two! What a great deal :)

A Pot of Tea
Spicy Sausage Puff
Chocolate Macaroon
Roasted Cashews
Carrot Cake
Moist Chocolate Cake
2 Delectable Cookies
Cherry Almond Cake

Craving for the chocolate macaroon now although it's quite sweet T_T 

Since it is an unzipping tea party, each of us will get a Bag of Love April's edition for free. We are also the first batch to unzip and review the beauty bag yayyyyy ♥ thank you Mimi!

cute Senri with her beauty bag :)

*sneak peak* read my full review here :D

Tammy and photobomb by Chency ♥

Lastly a picture with Mimi and Bag of Love April's edition :D

Time flies, the two hours party is just not enough for me! Not enough time to eat, not enough time to camwhore, not enough time to talk, not enough... teehee btw I was so happy to see some familiar faces there and met new bloggers too. You girls are so sweet! Now I just can't wait for the June's project - spa party! Woohoo once again million thanks to Butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers and Tammy for making these happening! See you girls at the next event xx

The Butterfly Project

Bag of Love

Delectable by Su


  1. Saw those pretty pics on fb few weeks ago i think and i went asdfghjklasdfghjkl thats a girl paradise and a good place to take tonnes of pretty pics ehehe ! :D

    1. HAHAHA yeah right, agree! Why you didnt goooooo

  2. hehe so niceee one! can guy join butterfly project too? >.<

    1. Hmmmm you have to ask Tammy haha :p or you organize a guy butterfly project lolol

  3. ah too bad im at the afternoon session!

    1. Aiyooo yeah lor! How good if everyone in the same session heh

  4. so many pretty looking tea time snacks!

  5. awwh!!!! all the tea time snacks!!! you're soooo lucky!!!

  6. Next time we take photo together and be cute together XD

  7. Heavennnnnn!!! So many cakes and candies! <3

  8. colourfull candies. like katy perry's california girl MV.. haha

    1. Hahaha and the best thing is we can take it home :p!


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