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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Wonderful, Trendy & Fate" has brought me to Havaianas!

Thanks to the Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia, I've won myself a pair of Havaianas flip flop! Check out my contest entry here if you are keen and you will know why I named it as WTF Havaianas experience.

I've heard about Havaianas since long ago because my friend is a big fan of them. She claimed that Havaianas flip flop is very comfortable yet stylish and each of her family members got a pair of Havaianas flip flop! At first I was like what's so special about Havaianas­ except for the price. It's very pricey for just a pair of flip flop as the cheapest one also cost you around RM89.90. OMG T_T So I went and google about it and I saw some people said that Havaianas flip flops can wear up to six years! Oh my... I'll blog and tell you if mine can wear up to six years later :p

So last month I went over to Havaianas outlet in Pavilion to redeem my flip flop and I was so amazed by the wide selections upon arrival.

They have many different types of flip flops like basic slim, high soles and… 

 Spot the turquoise colour one with butterfly dragonfly on it! I love it so much but it's very pricey also T_T

Seriously I had a hard time choosing that all the colours are so pretty! At last I opted for the Slim Sand Grey (gold colour) because it makes my skin looks fairer and it's very easy to match with any outfits, even dresses! :D

Happy girl with her new flip flop at Malacca ^_^

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  1. The slipers is nice :)So many option I dont even know how to choose lolll


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