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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Chap 3: Hair-py day @ Hair Depot, Bangsar

Some of you may be quite familiar with the picture above as I've posted it in my Instagram (@yuhjiun09) few weeks back. Yes, I was invited to review the Hair Depot as part of the Butterfly Project community. Hair Depot was first started on, one of Malaysia's fastest growing online hair & beauty retailers and now they have 22 outlets all over Malaysia and you can choose from a diverse selection of over 8,000 products across hundreds of well-known brands such as Redken, Schwarzkopf, Nioxin, JS and Shiseido Fuente... *gasp*

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A warm welcome speech by the lady behind the Hair Depot, Chris :)

So we started off the event with hair scalp analysis... I was kinda nervous during the scalp scan as I was wondering how's my scalp condition. Oily? Dirty? But it turned out to be saying that I have clogged pores on my scalp :O They also said that my hair roots are very fine and thin and hence it explains why my hair falls out easily. Scalp scan can determine our weakened roots, split ends, healthiness of hair, sensitivity of our scalp and etc. Hair Depot do provide hair scalp analysis for free to the public also and they will further recommend you the best products suited for your specific needs. By the way, some of photos credits to Tammy, the Butterfly Project :)

According to our scalp and hair condition, we were recommended to use Midori products for scalp balancing. Each of us are given a shampoo and hair mask by the end of the event. Awww so thoughful of them...

At Hair Depot, you can see each and every one of them have shiny and smooth hair which even convinces you and makes you feel confident of their products. Of course, all the staffs are very well-trained and professional where you may feel free to ask them about hair care or even styling tips! For sure I won't miss out this opportunity to shop around and ask for some professional opinions on how to take care of my hair too :p

Their products range from shampoo, body wash, leave-in treatment, hair dryer, accessories, comb/brushes, cosmetics like eyeliner, false lashes and even fake hair! You may view more about it on my previous posts, shop tour at Hair Depot.

The Lau sisters seem to have much interest with the fake hair :p 

 The beautiful preggie, Illy poses happily with her manual curlers with Anfaal on the left and Lina on the right

Not forgot to mention that we also have a hair styling session by staffs from K Care Salon where you can choose to add some colours to your hair by using hair chalk (I've done a tutorial on that!), straightening, curling or even corn curling.

The automatic magic curler which I've mentioned in my previous post, Curl Expert K100! 

Do you love the beautiful curls on Audrey as much as I do? :)

Of course, I took the opportunity to play around with hair chalk as I've always wanted to dye my hair but I'm afraid that it would damage my hair T_T So hair chalk it is! Does the colour look good on us? :)

Caroline on board! I love her dungaree so much :3

with Lina, my hair chalkie sister :p 

and my new friend, Anfaal teehee :D

Thanks to Little Wonton at Bangsar, we had a wonderful tea time treats for the day with different flavours of wonton and their signature charcoal noodles :) dayummm!

More and more camwhores :3

(from the left) Fish, Jean and Ben Dan

Look at my beautiful ladies after the amazing hair makeover by Hair Depot :) 

Lastly, a group picture with my fellow butterflies! What a productive day and I've definitely gained more knowledge about hair care now ♥ Well I actually went back to Hair Depot one week after for second visit to buy hair care products ie. leave-in treatment. Not forgot to mention that they're having promotion now if you purchase 3 or more products, you may get 25% off. Besides, if you purchase over RM100, you can buy certain products at 70%! So I grabbed myself The Hair Story Body Milk series hand soap and hand cream teehee (RM19.90 only instead of RM66!)

Talking about the hair care products I've bought (JS series leave-in treatment recommended by the staff), I'm so surprised with the instantaneous outcome that you can really feel a huge difference before and after using it. I'm so happy of my shiny and smoothyyyyy hair now that I keep bragging about it to my family and boyfriend everyday :p So I do really recommend you guys to pay a visit to Hair Depot and start taking care of your hair now! :)

Hair Depot - Bangsar Baru
No.20 G/F,
Jalan Telawi Lima,
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2202 2215

Operating hours:
10:00am-8:00pm (Tue-Sun)
Closed on Monday

Facebook: |


  1. Your hair is so chok! HAHAH :D


  2. Replies
    1. yeah right! With professional's advice, you can choose the products that suit you the best :)

  3. I like the beautiful curl on Audrey...btw, how long is the hair chalk color can last for?

  4. Oh wow so many cute hairstyles now I´m following ypu in GFC I hope your follow me back!

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  5. ooo there are some interesting products!


    1. yeah, didn't know hair care got so many products also :D

  6. =D nice meeting u at the event! hehe.. and thanks for the link!

  7. Gosh, this is such a cool & fun place!

  8. That place is looks great!!
    I wish there's a store like that in here too...

  9. That curling thing is amazing! It wouldn't work on my tightly coiled hair but it's amazing nevertheless! You guys look like you had a great time!

  10. Oh man I definitely need some hair TLC like this and those curlers are too cute! I've been seeing a lot of hair chalking lately and I think it's defo better than hair dying - it's less hassle and the colors are just awesome! Donah GiG

  11. Those Midori conditioners look pretty huge and if they are really affordable if they are priced at RM 56 each!

  12. I want to try hair chalk! It seems so fun to use. I'm just worried it might stain my clothes while wearing it... GIG LOVE

  13. I've been wanting to try some hair chalks too! I just can't find any at Watsons here. OTL The automatic magic curler seems interesting!

  14. I miss getting my hair done...and it feels like i miss half of my life. lol. anyway, jealous that you were able to try hair chalk...i have always wanted to but just a little scared especially when i read something about the chalk! GIG

  15. This place looks like hair heaven!! Would love to visit it and get a colorful hair makeover ^^

  16. ooowwww i want to visit that place.... :( i think hair chalks does damage your hairs .... i no more use them.


  17. It looks like you had lots of fun with the hair chalk! GIG

  18. I like the scalp scanning. That hair makeover looks so fun. ^_^ giglove

  19. this looks awesome! I heard so much rave about this tool! you all look so adorable! seems like a great and fun place :)

  20. wow! such a great event!! love the curler...been seeing that on Youtube!

  21. Ahhhh super cute event! I loooove hair anything, and that store is candyland!

  22. lovely are just an important part of the all look...we should never forget.

  23. Seems like a fun event .. I love your coloured hair streax.. wow that is one super store :)

    xx Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche!
    Giveaway on the Bllog!

  24. the magic curler is sooo cool! you all look great!

  25. perfect place to shop... hair product are my weakness, I could spend a fortune in a place like this

  26. how long did it take you to chalk your hair? I took forever to chalk mine! in the end i just gave up >.<

  27. wow, looks like you and the other girls had a great time!!! ir early want that hair chalk :D gig love

  28. WOW! The Hair Depot looks amazing! I love the scalp analysis, I would love to have something like that done. Fab post :)

  29. I could spend forever in that store.LOL Looks like you had a great time. I would love to the a scalp analysis done. gig

  30. That hair curling thing is so cool!! It will make my life so easy =D And your hair, looks so cool !

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