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Friday, November 29, 2013

WONJIN Aesthetics Centre finally opens in Malaysia!

Thanks to Manoah, I was invited to the grand opening of Wonjin Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd at Plaza Damas few weeks ago.Well plastic surgery is a very common topic nowadays especially in Korea where people can casually talk about plastic surgery or go on shopping during their post-surgery recovery O_O Co-founders of Wonjin Aesthetics Centre (WAC), Dorothy Ng and Alicia Toe noticed a void for access to safe and reliable cosmetics enhancement treatments and approached Wonjin Beauty Medical Group (WBMG) with the aim to provide a safe platform for Malaysians. WAC's believes highly in quality, reliability and level of professional service provided by South Korean Doctors and has identified one of the best and largest private cosmetics clinics there.

Cozy and comfortable environment at their clinic, South Korea.

At Wonjin, their surgeons and medical specialists are board certified and locally specialized for each department. Through extensive research and constant innovation, their facilities have become national university standard. They have implemented 1:1 customized consultation and surgery spanning over 20 years of numerous surgical procedures. Besides, they would carefully consider all factors before surgery to provide the most balanced and proportional facial features unless there is a special request from client eg. bigger breasts or even higher nose.

They only use the best and latest medical equipment in accordance to client's needs. Their high tech equipment can determine nerve and blood vessel location, muscle and fat density, as well as the bone structure and movement.

At Wonjin Aesthetics Centre, they have promised to take care of their clients from the minute they step into the aesthetics centre till the completion of post-surgery care. They do also provide all travelling arrangements as well as a few touristy services for their clients. Their services can be divided into services in Malaysia and South Korea:

Services in Malaysia:
  • Registering and collecting customers information from both a consultation and travelling aspect
  • Arrange consultation appointments from Malaysian customers with Korean consultants and doctors in South Korea
  • Flight booking to and from KL to Seoul
  • Accommodations booking in Seoul
  • Arrange appointments for surgery and follow up visits when required

Services in South Korea:
  • Airport transfers
  • WBMB Guide (Local WAC staff will follow clients to South Korea to be the liaison between them and WBMB)
  • Shopping excursions (before or after surgery)
  • Tour excursions to the sights and sounds of South Korea
  • Advisory on other related travelling or accommodation within South Korea

- Double eyelids, eye bag removal, inner and outer corner eye extensions, rhinoplasty, nose tips correction, nostrils reduction, facial contouring, fat grafting

- Breast enlargement, liposuction, fat injections to breasts, breast reduction for men, hip augmentation, tummy tuck

Laser Skin Treatments
- Whitening, scar removal, pigmentation removal, belody laser for slimming and lifting

Hair Growth
- Correct balding issues with hair grafting

Anti-Aging Treatments
- PRP, stem cells

Dr. Park Won Jin with the co-founders of Wonjin Aesthetics Centre Sdn Bhd, Dorothy Ng and Alicia Toe.

Wonjin Aesthetics Centre (facing the main road)
B1-8, Plaza Damas 3,
No. 63, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Taman Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.


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