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Friday, December 06, 2013

Chap 1: Hair Depot Shop Tour

As part of the Butterfly Project community, I was so honoured to be invited to review the Hair Depot few weeks ago. I will divide the blogpost into 3 parts and as for part 1, we will go on a shop tour around Hair Depot where I'll talk more about the products and services that they offer. By the way, some of the photos credits to Tammy, the Butterfly Project :)

Launched in October 2006, is one of Malaysia's fastest growing online hair & beauty retailers bringing you outstanding value beauty, grooming and health products straight to your doorstep for free. Now they have 22 outlets all over Malaysia and you can choose from a diverse selection of over 8,000 products across hundreds of well-known brands such as Redken, Schwarzkopf, Nioxin, Joico, JS, Sebastian, Shiseido Fuente and CO.E Olive... whew!

Upon arrival, I was so shocked by the huge store and the range of products. As you can see in the picture above, everything are well-arranged by the type of products which makes you easier to look for certain stuffs that you want such as scalp care, hair colour, styling, electrical (hair dryers and hair straighteners), accessories and so on.

4 big shelves just for leave-in treatment! Now can you imagine how big the store is? O_O

More than 20 types of comb/brushes are available for different hair styles and needs.

For the accessories section, they have manual curlers, beauty tools like eyelash curler, shaver, make up brushes and even NuBra.

As a one-stop hair care centre, they are selling different type of hair dyes too! There are more than 30 types just for a light brown colour for eg. light brown red extra, light brown copper, light brown red violet, light brown auburn red and many more... *jaw drops*

The Hair Story Body Milk series on sales too! I've grabbed myself a bottle of hand soap and hand cream during my second visit to Hair Depot ^_^

One of the latest trend, hair chalk! The Hair Story hair chalk with 12 assorted colour priced at RM38 is kinda different from the others as it is made up of natural ingredients so it won't damage your hair easily or stain your hair.

Apart from hair care products, you can also find cosmetics like falsies and eyeliner here :)

Different type of curlers on the rack and wait, I'm gonna show you the highlight of the day!


Jeng jeng jeng! The Curl Expert K100 where you can see many people have been raving about this magic curler! Featuring revolutionary new patented technology, this breath-takingly innovative styler is unbelievably simple and quick to use, creating beautiful curls in no time. Take a look of the video below for a clearer view and you'll be amazed by the outcome :)

3 simple steps to achieve beautiful curls:
  1. Place a section of hair in the section of the unit and position the machine where you want the curl to start.
  2. Close handles. Hair will be automatically drawn into the curling chamber.
  3. Hold until 4 beeps signal (or you may refer to the time setting below), the curl is ready. Open to release the perfect curl.

Did you saw the beautiful curls on Audrey? Awww so tempted to buy one home >.<

Lastly, ended with a panaromic view of Hair Depot (Bangsar outlet). Not forgot to mention that all the staffs are very friendly and helpful to guide you through over 8,000 products to find the solutions to every hair and beauty question. You may also ask them for some styling tips or claim a free scalp scan & consultation session to know more about your current hair condition. If Bangsar is way too far for you, you may check out the list of outlets they have in Malaysia or even purchase their products online and get them delivered to your doorstep! Happy shopping girls ^_^

Hair Depot - Bangsar Baru
No.20 G/F,
Jalan Telawi Lima,
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2202 2215

Operating hours:
10:00am-8:00pm (Tue-Sun)
Closed on Monday

Facebook: |


  1. awwh! all the curls make me happy haha, this is such a nice event

  2. Such a nice shop! Hope they'll have a physical store in Penang :D

  3. These photos are making me excited!


    1. You can pay a visit to their store too or online! :D

  4. Wow, I'd totally be at a loss where to even start if I entered there! So many amazing things to look at and buy. I totally want that Curl Expert K100 too!

  5. oh this store looks really amazing, love to buy that babyliss curler !!

  6. This store is like heaven for me, haha!
    You look sooo adorable with the curls, I love it!

  7. This place looks like hair heaven!!! Love that curling machine, I have a remington hair dryer/curler...that is pretty cool and hilarious!!! :D


  8. Nice! The store carries a lot of good product and items. We have something like this in PH. Gig

  9. OMG!!!! All the hair stuff that I would want to have! I want those keratin items and the hair chalk! :D Kumiko Mae, Beauty Blogger - Philippines

  10. This store looks so awesome!! GIGLOVE

  11. Nice shop! They got almost everything you needed.

  12. Thats one big store!! Great stuff they got in there . And that Curler is worth all the spend :)

    xx Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  13. Great shop :) I go crazy when I enter somewhere like this. It's not good for my pockets as well :P BTW, the hair look so pretty :)

  14. The amount of products one one place is crazy! Places like this break my bank! That curler seems to tempt me though =D

  15. that accessory to curl hair is incredible. I want it so much. Do you think it is available in Italy?

  16. I’ve never seen a store with such complete line of products especially for hair. I want to have the Curl Expert k100. ^_^ giglove

  17. omg that is heaven! i want a place like that here in the uk

  18. OH MY GOD! I need to go there, NOW! I could spend days (and all my money) in that place! :D GIG

  19. The shop looks really amazing! I would love to try the curler.

  20. Oh yes, this is my type of a store... I could get lost in there and spend a fortune ;-)

  21. I can definitely see myself spending all day in this store. Looks like they have so many things to offer. Glad you had a great time! gig

  22. The curls look so awesome! I want this curler!!! I always struggle so much to get the perfect curl in my hair. GIG

  23. heard quite a lot about the curl babyliss, it really makes a nice curl! ~~

  24. looks like its very similar to conairs curler too! i like the curls on you :D ps-id love some of that hair chalk :D giglove

  25. i wanted to buy the curler too!!so awesome wei! gig

  26. wow so many products to try! the effect of that curler on your hair is simple yet cute! ~gig

  27. how much is the curler ? i would prefer their thong curler effect though


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