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Thursday, February 06, 2014

[Food Review] Kyochon Chicken, 1 Utama

1. We promise to never, ever serve fast food.
2. We promise to use 100% natural ingredients.
3. We promise to use only the freshest, healthiest chickens.

The 3 promises made by Kyochon Chicken to their customers. They are not a fast food restaurant but a Korean restaurant which serve chickens only. Founded in 1991, Kyochon Chicken being the number 1 selling fried chicken from South Korea with over 1,000 restaurants around the globe has finally opened their first outlet in Malaysia in December 2013. Being the best chicken brand for 11 consecutive years in South Korea voted by their customers, I just can't wait to try it out :p

Seasoned Wedges @ RM5.90
American red potatoes seasoned with butter are used to make these wedges and these are great! Not too soft or overcooked, the wedges are very crispy and cooked until golden-brown as you can see in the picture above.

Natural Sparkling Yuza Fruit Tea @ RM5.90
The Yuza fruit tea is actually made by Korean oranges with lemons and definitely no artificial colouring added into the drinks. It's quite refreshing and a little bit sweet but no worries if you do not take cold drinks, they have hot teas in house too. Sodas and mineral waters are also available here.

Sal Sal Strips, 5 pieces @ RM10.90
Boneless chicken breast strips coated in special rice batter... om nom nom! Definitely the best chicken breast I've ever taste! I didn't know these were chicken breast strips until Ridley told me because the meat are so juicy and tender. I was told that they only use the freshest ingredients and healthiest chickens but not frozen ones, which explains the tender chicken breasts. Thumbs up (Y)

Honey Stick, 4 pieces @ RM21.80
Honey glazed series are one of my favourites actually although it's not the best-seller ♥ Marinated for 24 hours in their special seasoning, then fried to perfection and coated with natural honey sauce. Sweet, sticky and it's highly addictive!

Chicken feast... gahh! As you can see in the picture above, there are two types of chicken, soy wing & drumette (upper one) and stick (the lower one) comes in different sizes: small, medium and large. For more information and prices, you may refer to the menu on their website

Original Soy Wing & Drumette, 10 pieces @ RM19.80 | Original Soy Stick, 4 pieces @ RM19.80
After trying the honey sticks and sal sal strips, I thought the original soy series would be less flavourful but I was wrong! It tastes so good that I couldn't describe the crunchiness and crispiness of the chicken especially coated in their exclusive soy garlic glaze. That was awesome and now I know why it has crowned as the best seller of Kyochon Chicken ♥

Besides, little did you know that Kyochon Chicken is the first to use soy garlic glaze in their chickens and it's definitely the must-have dish when you visit Kyochon.

Red Wing & Drumette, 10 pieces @ RM19.80
Glazed with the original hot sauce made from Korea's hottest red chili peppers, surprisingly the red series are actually their 2nd best seller. It's truly spicy but it tastes equally good! Besides, I personally think that their red sauce are quite special and addictive because you can taste a little bit sweet in addition of the spiciness. Recommended only for those who can take spicy food!

Korean Butter Rice @ RM4.00
The butter rice are complemented by a soft creamy complexity, yum! You may give it a try if you're sick of the plain cooked rice.

Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken @ RM25.90
Juicy and flavourful grilled chicken, what can I ask for more? It would be a great choice if you do not fancy fried chickens.

The Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken set also comes with a small bowl of kimchi fried rice and surprisingly it tastes good where I just couldn't stop myself by putting it into my mouth repeatedly. (Y) If I'm not mistaken, they do not sell this kimchi fried rice individually.

Jjimdak Steamed Chicken @ RM21.90
Compared to other dishes in Kyochon, this Jjimdak Steamed Chicken are rather common that it looks like something my mom will cook at home. But nonetheless it tastes good as well.

Now you must be wondering why Kyochon unlike any other Korean restaurants but only sells chicken and this concept is actually because of Koreans like to eat chickens as snacks (which explains why they hand-cut their chicken wings, separating wingettes from drumettes) and pair it up with alcohol. You would know why if you're a k-drama fans :p

After all, I had a great dining experience at Kyochon Chicken and I just can't wait to be back for second round to enjoy my honey glazed chickens while listening to my favourite Korean songs ♥ If you think Kyochon Chicken is just like another KFC but way more expensive, then you're wrong. They do not serve fast food, everything they make is cooked to order only. As I've mentioned earlier, they only use the freshest and healthiest chickens but not the frozen one and marinate for 24 hours before they cook it, so you can see why sometimes they closed down their shop in the evening saying that they've run out of stocks.

At Kyochon, they highly believe in quality which means no growth hormones and no drugs. They use less batter and grease than other fried chicken brands to let the natural flavour of their chickens come through. Besides, their chickens are cooked in canola oil which is trans-fat free and proven to be healthier for the heart and their double fry technique actually makes the chickens less oily. Or I should say it's not oily at all, not even the oil residue on the plate. Well I did not get paid to write this post but I just simply believe in them and the quality of ingredients that they used. I would rather pay more and wait 15 minutes for a good quality meal and tender chickens. (Y)

Kyochon Chicken (opposite of Cold Storage)
LG 311, Lower Ground Floor,
One Utama Shopping Centre,
No. 1, Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Operation hour: 10:00AM - 10:00PM daily
Website: |

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  1. wheee u went thr and try d! the Dakgalbi Grilled Chicken and kimchi rice looks yummy! next time i gonna go try it out!

    1. Hehehe yeah! Their kimchi fried rice really very nice <3

  2. All of this food looks delicious, *walks to the kitchen * you have made me puckish :)

  3. All this food looks so yummy :) great post!

  4. You have officially made me hungry! haha
    The food looks so yummy and inspiring! I think I know what we're having for din-din tonight!

    Brittany's Secret


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