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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Life Adds Awesomeness To My Life

I bought my Samsung S4 since last year July and I'm still in the midst of exploring the phone. Yes, I still discover new features or apps everyday and this is why I love my Samsung S4 so much ♥ So when I was fiddling through Play Store the other day, I came across a new app, the Samsung Galaxy Life. I just couldn't get my eyes off when I saw the words daily deals (cheapskate mindset :P) and downloaded it without hesitation.

So basically Samsung Galaxy Life is an app that Samsung created to reward Galaxy users offering daily deals with discount coupons in the form of barcode or vouchers, selection and reviews of apps, exclusive content from experts and so on.

There are 7 pillars under Samsung Galaxy Life: Live, Entertain, Learn, Play, Connect, Work and Surprise. Hop over to the "PLAY" pillar immediately as I was so stressed out due to studies recently and this super deal "Buy 4 Get 2 Free from Escape Room" caught my attention. I've always wanted to go to Escape Room and this offer just comes in the right time. (Y)

Escape Room is Malaysia's first ever REAL escape game started in July 2013 which provides you an interactive gaming experience where players are physically inside a mysterious world of intrigues puzzles and codes. You'll have to engineer an escape in a tight race against the clock in 45 minutes if you've accepted the challenge. At their e-curve outlet, there are 6 different themes of room available: Pirate Ship, Prison Break, The Mummy, The Mysterious Room, The Abandoned Factory and The Slaughter House.

The process of redeeming the offer was quick and convenient that I just have to show the voucher on my phone to the cashier for them to verify the redemption. Just one click on the phone without printing it out and you're entitled for the Buy 4 Get 2 free deal, yay or nay? :P By the way, only redeem the voucher when you're close to the point of purchase as it will expire 60 minutes after it's redeemed. After redeeming the voucher, we're off to the adrenaline rush game in Pirate Ship themed room!

*sneak peak of what'll be happening during the game* 

 After 45 minutes of searching for clues and answering riddles, we failed to escape from the room. We got stucked at the last clue and it was so close...

The "we were so close..." face and we'll definitely come back and challenge again!

After all, it was a great experience and I highly recommend it to people who loves to answer riddles, solving complex puzzles or just looking for a challenge, this is the GAME for you. Hop over to Play Store now and download the Galaxy Life app to enjoy more deals and apps recommendation. I'm looking forward for more travel and fashion deals in the future woohoo... Thank you Samsung, my life companion ♥

Download Samsung Galaxy Life here: (FOC!)


  1. I saw that app once on my collegue's phone. Looks kinda interesting too.

    1. It was great! Must download if you own a Samsung phone :D

  2. Aiyooo too bad weh... cannot escape haha! :p

    1. Haha I will challenge again and you'll see my pic on weekly challenge with the winner cardboard :P


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