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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybelline New York Must-Have Makeup for Fall/Winter 2014

Models from New York Fashion Week were seen sporting these beauty trends - fair and fresh skin with intense eyes and shocking pink lips. These were the looks created by celebrity makeup artists who have collaborated with Maybelline New York for New York Fashion Week. Even in Malaysia, with Maybelline New York's wide range of products and shades, you can get these catwalk looks easily with tips and recommendations shared by Maybelline New York's makeup artists - regardless of your skin tone, personality and even lifestyle. 

Now let me present to you Maybelline New York's latest skin innovation, White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++

This face powder is powered by a new Clean Touch Powder System to achieve sweat-free makeup that lasts all day. One of its main ingredients, mineral perlite which contains 5X the absorbing powder of talc, making it more effective towards sweat and sebum. In short, it absorbs and entraps sweat and sebum, as well as speeds up sweat evaporation to prevent build-up, which will results in a clean touch and fresh makeup all day and hence you will no longer need touch-ups!

A small demonstration if you're wondering how the mineral perlite works. In the picture above, Brand X contains talc while White Superfresh powder contains perlite. We put a drop of water into both powder and we can see that White Superfresh powder actually absorbs the water within 15 seconds while the Brand X remains the same. Then we use paper to wipe it off and we see that Brand X powder sticks to the paper which will make your makeup even more cakey.

Here are some of the trendy makeup looks for Fall/Winter 2014 as recommended by Maybelline New York's expert makeup artists. They also featured their new product, White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++ in these three looks and some other must-have makeup products for Fall/Winter 2014 (which I will elaborate more later).

Trend #1: Fair Beauty
Face: White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++
Eyes: Hypercosmos TRIO 04 Pinky Comet | The Colossal Kajal liner | Lashionista Endless Length Obesession mascara
Lips: Pink Alert by Colour Sensational POW 2
Blush: Blush Studio Blush Em 01 I'm Glowy!

Trend #2: Rock Chic
Face: White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++
Eyes: Hypercosmos TRIO 02 Venus Gold | Colour Tattoo Metallic 24hr gel-cream eyeshadow 65 Gold Rush | The Colossal Kajal liner | Volum' Express Magnum Mascara
Lips: Pink Alert by Colour Sensational POW 4 | Blush Studio Blush Em 03 I'm Pop!

Trend #3: Hypnotic Eyes (which also suitable for Hijab fashion) 
Face: White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++
Eyes: The Colossal Kajal liner | Volum' Express Rocket mascara
Lips: Pink Alert by Colour Sensational POW 3
Blush: Blush Studio Blush Em 04 I Love Pink!

Apart from White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34 PA+++, these are also the must-have makeup for Fall/Winter 2014.

Colossal Kajal liner, RM19.90
This eyeliner is specially formulated for under eye and inner eye application. It contains the deepest black pigments to intensify your eyes much like the hypnotic kajal trend and its unique tip ensure that you get a smooth black line in just one step. Enriched with olive oil esters, vitamin E, vitamin C derivatives and conditioning agents, it is gentle on the eyes, preventing irritation or sensitivity. Smudge-proof and waterproof up to 12 hours!

Hypercosmos Trio Eyeshadow, RM29.90
This marbleized baked eyeshadow is made up of three sections - primary, highlighter and liner, which finishes off with a unique 3D effect and stunning metallic finish. First, apply the primary shade on your upper lid, concentrating on the outer corners. Then, use the highlighter shade at the brow bone and lastly, apply the liner shade along your lashes to create more intensity. It's available in four shades: 01 Coppered Mars, 02 Venus Gold, 04 Pinky Comet and 05 Galactic Purple.

Pink Alert by Colour Sensational, RM29.90
Consisting of new pink fashion shades, this Pink Alert series combines vivid red-based pigments to coat lips with a striking hue. Its nourishing honey nectar leaves behind a creamy feel so lips don't look or feel dry. You may also apply a few more layer for a more intense effect.

Alright, so which one will be your favourite look or product? For me, I personally adore Fair Beauty very much because I think it's a very sweet look which will be perfect for dating. I can't wait to drop by their counters and get more of their products! :D

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  1. Those lip colours look gorgeous! Have you tried them before?

  2. The eyes shadows looks most appealing to me. But I'm a sucker of lip colours but it looks amazing too

  3. I love Maybelline products!! Big fan of Maybelline especially their cream shadows and mascaras! Good stuff!


  4. hyper cosmos eyeshadow looks so yummeh! i wanna try them :D

  5. This face powder looks great! I love the three make up looks :)
    Would also love to check the new lipstick shades!

  6. Omg this collection looks fab! I wonder when that would arrive in the US. I love the Fair Beauty look out of the three.

    xx Donah

  7. I love the Fair Beauty look the most. also the lipstick shades look amazing would love to try them out some time. :D

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  8. While Rock Chic caught my attention first, Fair Beauty is perfect for everyday makeup and is pretty doable when you're in a hurry. Great post!

  9. The eyeshadows are my favorite! Would love to try them out. Lots of GIG love :)

  10. Maybelline is a great affordable brand. The eyeshadow and lip colours are gorgeous. The Gold colour in Rock Chic is my favourite. I would wear it as a neutral.

  11. Hypercosmos Trio Eyeshadow, it beautiful and awesome <3
    Miss Ika Blog

  12. The powder is indeed amazing ! Love the experiment they did to show us how awesome the product is.. :D

  13. Love the lipstick color. For cake powder, I never really used them for daily basis. I prefer bb cream and translucent powder.

  14. i love the whole collection!!especially the powder!!so amazing!!!!

  15. I have that colour sensational lipstick but don't quite work for me. Bit too dry. But then the new powder works great!

  16. i hope that powder gets released in the uk. i definitely want to try it

  17. What amazing shades. I am loving the lipstick shades. I don't often use Maybelline but I think I'll have to start!
    The Life of Leeshastarr

  18. Ooohhh great looks! I love how fresh their new items are!

  19. Yay new products! The experiment they did was interesting.
    I wanna try the lippies more though because I love the shades. :D

  20. Maybelline has been quite consistent in their releases recently, love their new lines more than the older ones! :)

  21. I love Maybelline products! I'm really interetested in the eyeliner and those eyeshadows. Hopefully we get the come over here.

  22. I just love these looks! All three are great but I think the fresh faced first one is my favorite, perfect for every day. Great post! <3 GIGLove

  23. i love all the maybelinne product..
    they have so many many great product to get ..
    love it <3

  24. so chio! many ppl love maybelline!


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