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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

[Beauty Review] Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream

Note: Special post dedicated to all females who want to have a more curvy body shape and healthy, glowing skin!

If you remembered, I was invited to Nikko and Nikki's soft launch (link here) by HiShop a month ago and I have received their latest product, Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream for review a week later. This breast firming cream is designed to help improve breast contour, combating sagging and remarkably gives your bust firmer, lifted, curvy and a more beautiful appealing. It is specially formulated with a plant-based complex of active ingredient and readily absorbed effectively into your breast skin.

As usual, HiShop pack their parcel nicely with bubble wraps to avoid breakage.

I personally think that the packaging is quite nice but abit too big for travelling purposes. If you're wondering, you will have to press down the pump and it will come out from small hole (refer to the arrow).

Direction of use:
Gently massage cream into entire breast surface from base to top. Massage into inside of breast using circular motion 1-5 minutes, starting, moving along surface to top. Repeat on outside of breast with same circular motion apply until absorbed into skin. Use twice a day, morning and night after shower.
For external use only.

Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream has adopted the 7-NOs theory; no lanolin, no colorant, no animal derived ingredients, no petrochemical, no preservative added/parabens, no comedogenic ingredients and no mineral oil, which makes it more special compared to other breast firming products and you will feel more secure while applying it. The texture is very soft yet not sticky, but I personally think it's quite smelly so normally I will just apply it once a day. So far I've used it for two weeks but I can't really see any significant changes as their staff says it will required 4 bottle of Nikko breast firming cream to see results.

Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream is currently available at HiShop retailing at RM180/50g. And here's a good news for you guys, with minimum purchase of RM99 at HiShop, you're entitled to RM20 rebate with special code "MIYOKU", valid till 30th June 2014.

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