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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Ultimate Laser Tag Challenge with The Butterfly Project

A: *pew pew pew* Watch your back!
B: *ouch!*
A: Don't forget our plan and let's defeat the enemies! Go go go!

Okay, I guess I'm just being dramatic again. I just can't stop reminiscing about our laser tag date with the Butterfly Project a month ago. It was my first time going for laser tag game and hence I can still remember every single thing happened on that day. It was so fun that I keep dragging my boyfriend to go for second round afterwards and I even suggested him with their unlimited party package.

Laser tag is actually an exciting live game that simulates an actual battlefield. It is similar to the classic and still well-loved PC games wherein you strategize with your team on how to defeat your opponent. Laser tag team missions also require team strategy but on a live, actual battlefield arena. It's more like a cooler, painless and high-technology version of paint ball games.

In a more technical definition, laser tag is a team or individual activity that involves the use of hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. So this means no pain as targeting or shooting is done via light or simply put, laser. Normally, before each mission starts, players will be oriented on how to use the devices properly and skillfully. For first-time players do not need to worry as their professionals will guide you and you will have 10 minutes to warm up.

So these are our vests and pew pew guns! Basically you will get points if you shot your opponent's vest on the lighting pads successfully. If you get shot, your lights will go off and recharge after 5 seconds. 50 points for the front pads & gun while 100 points for back pads!

This is how the laser tag arena looks like; pretty dark area with neon lights and hiding spots.

They also have a private room if you book their party package (scroll down for full price list) so you can chill and stay inside while waiting for the other teams. Not forgot to mention they also have a big TV screen where you can watch the battle live and a leaderboard. It was so exciting that we thought we were watching some kind of action movies. :P

The private room was decorated with colourful balloons and party flags in conjunction with the Butterfly Project's 1st Anniversary and guess what, a matching laser tag themed birthday cake by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party. It's too cute to be eaten, isn't it? :D

After the briefing of how to use the targeting device etc, 40 of us were divided into 4 teams named Athena, Mulan, Huntress and Laser Fly, and here comes the war! :P

I was in the Mulan team and as you can see, our team is the so called lenglui team. :P In the first few games, we got really high scores but I've no idea why we've dropped to the last place in the end and therefore we didn't get any medals T_T (photo credits to Sandra and the Butterfly Project)

Overall it was a great experience pew pew-ing with fellow butterflies and I just can't wait to go back for second round! Anyone wants to join me? :P By the way, happy 1st anniversary to the Butterfly Project and thank you for all the blogging opportunities and events! Let our love grow stronger and we will always be here for you :)

(price list)

Laser Tag Warzone, E@Curve
Lot L1-93, E@Curve,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara PJU 7,
47810 Selangor.

Tel: 603 7733 1335
Website: |

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  1. wa, i'm tempted! wish to try that out! :P


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