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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[Accommodation] Levite Villa 利未庄园民宿, Jinguashi, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Just when I thought Krabi would be my last overseas trip of the year, I received a shocking news saying that I will be travelling to Taiwan for job purposes! Thanks to Taiwan Tourism Organisation for the invite, it was such a huge milestone for me and my blog as well. I've always wanted travel as part of my job and now my dreams came true! These 8 days in Taiwan was such an eye-opening experience and of course I do not forget to take loads of pictures of this amazing city until my memory card full. I'm still managing the pictures so here's an update of the accommodation which I've stay in on the first night in Taipei.

Up in the hill with an amazing view of mountains and the well-known Yin Yang Sea (阴阳海), warm and cozy interior designs, here's where I stay on the first night in Taiwan. Levite Villa (利未庄园民宿) in Jinguashi (金瓜石) is a four-floor European-style homestay built by slope architecture. With a stone finishing exterior and black pentroof, Levite Villa looks like a church from afar.

The interior designs of Levite Villa is just exactly like a home which gives me warm and fuzzy feelings right when I get inside despite the cooling weather up there. There is a 42-inch LCD TV, CD and DVD player in the living room where you may watch movie or listen to the music as they do provide some collection of CDs and DVDs. They also prepare various genre of books for guests where you may have some reading while enjoying the breathtaking view of Jinguashi.

Since there are a few rooms available, we were given a choice between a double room and this family room (free upgrade! :P). No doubt we chose this room as it's much more bigger and spacious with a balcony overlooking the Gold Mountain (黄金山).

The room just look exactly the same as the picture shown in their website; it's well equipped and nicely decorated. Besides, I gotta say Levite Villa's host is so thoughtful that they only use the best Egyptian cotton for their bedding set which claimed to be softer, more breathable and carries the finest quality. I doubt that 5 star hotels use as good quality bedding set as Levite Villa's one.

As usual, they do provide shower facilities (hot shower is available), shampoo, shower gel, slippers, toothpaste, hair dryer and etc. However, for the environmental protection, they don't offer disposable towels, bath towels and toothbrush where you need to prepare on your own. The washroom may not look as fancy as hotel one but it is well maintained and kept clean.

One of my favourite spot in the room would be this full length mirror! Girls being girls, how can I miss out an #ootd shot here? :P

If I'm not mistaken, every room reservations do come with a free breakfast prepared by the host personally. Taiwanese are very much emphasize on health, hence they only use organic and the freshest ingredients when cooking. Most of the fruits and vegetables are planted by themselves so it is 100% organic and safe to consume.

To be honest, my first impression of Jinguashi wasn't that good especially when the taxi driver couldn't find his way here, I was thinking if there's anything that I can do/play in this 'jungle' and if I will get lost up here. However, Levite Villa's host has proved me wrong. Right when I step into the house, they start planning the itinerary for me by introducing me the attractions nearby, where should I head to at this hour, how to go and etc. I was so shocked as I've never received this type of 'special treatment' before and now I understand why those who have visited Taiwan before keep saying Taiwanese are the most friendly one. They are so kind and down to earth that they would explain everything to me in details, give me recommendations yet try to match with my original itinerary and even drive us to the nearby bus station or attractions. The owner himself is a certified professional tour guide and they love travelling a lot, hence you can find many travel books and brochures (Taiwan and other foreign countries as well) here in the living room.

Overall, I'm very satisfied during my stay here in Levite Villa and I wish I can spend more time here. Kind and friendly hosts, cozy environment with stunning view over the sea and mountains, cleanliness are well maintained, strategic location (transportation may be a problem but Levite Villa's hosts are willing to drive you around), I will definitely revisit this place again! Levite Villa does offer different type of rooms and prices vary accordingly. For the family room no. 101 which I stay in, it costs NT 4000 per night and it can accommodate up to 4 persons. For more information, kindly visit their website and I bet you will fall in love with this place after staying here.

Levite Villa 利未庄园民宿
No. 97, Shanjian Road,
Ruifang District,
New Taipei City 224, Taiwan.

Tel: 02-2496-1658
Room types & rates:


I would not recommend you to stay in Jinguashi on your first day because it can be quite troublesome due to transportation and luggage. You may hail a cab at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (台湾桃园国际机场) which we did, it took us around an hour and half to go Levite Villa and costs NT 1985. No doubt there's another more economic but longer way where you can take bus to Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (捷运忠孝复兴站), walk to the opposite bus station which located near the exit 1, Shou Xin Fang (手信坊) and Hi-Life (萊爾富), and take Keelung Bus No. 1062 (基隆客运1062) (bus routes as attached) from there. You may then stop at any station nearby (where you need to talk to Levite Villa's host beforehand) and Levite Villa's host will get you from there.

It's better to take bus if you're travelling light or you reach Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport early in the morning where you have time to linger around, or else a cab will do. Note that the weather in Taiwan is very different compared to Malaysia where the sky there gets really dark around 5:30PM and then there will be nothing much to do up there.

On a side note, if you're taking a cab to Levite Villa and couldn't locate the place like what happened to us as well, look for the sign of 金瓜石土鸡城 and Levite Villa is just right opposite of it. You may also contact the host anytime if you have any problems.

Here's some sneak peak of my following itinerary: Keelung Night Market (基隆庙口夜市), taking the 891 Goldwater Romantic Shuttle Bus (891金水浪漫号) which will bring me to every single attractions of Jinguashi and etc. I gotta say I've totally change my point of view towards Jinguashi now and I wish I have more time to explore this little amazing town! Stay tuned for more. :)

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  1. You're so lucky you got to go to Taiwan! I've had the chance lately to do a bit of travel for my blog as well. Maybe one day I can go visit the places in your photos. Thanks for sharing :) GIG

  2. I was surprised by the fact that the villa gave free breakfast served personally by the villa's host... I bet you enjoyed the full hospitality during the visit. ~GIG

  3. The villa is indeed cozy. I hope one day i may be able to visit Taipei. nice post! giglove

  4. This place looks wonderful and so do you :)

  5. The shots you got of Taiwan are gorgeous! I also loved your #ootd shot! Us girls love to full length mirrors LOL xoxo GIGLove

  6. Great review... Countdown my trip to Taiwan 2 days!!!! Awwww... I am excited now.... But I don't think I am going to stay the same like yours. Perhaps next time I go Taiwan, I can book here. =p giglove

  7. to be honest with views like this who really cares how the inside looks like!
    This is one fantastic location!

  8. nice views! the room is decent enough too, but i don't really fancy the bathroom....

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  10. I'm glad you had a great time. The room looks really nice. :)

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  12. Your room looks so adorable and Taiwan seems like a great country! GIG love :)

  13. The room is just adorable!! Love the view, you sure had tons of fun =)

  14. Looks great! Looks like a great place to visit...and ur jacket is super cute!


  15. I'm not really into travelling but really! The villa looks so nice and traditional and makes me want to take a vacation :'(

  16. Oh wow! I would love to be able to travel. Loving your jacket btw!

  17. i love to travel, but have yet to visit Asia. You have included many good tips. this saturday i am going to mexico for two months! :D giglove

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    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  19. what a lovely place and love your photos are those taken with a phone ?

  20. you seems had very wonderful trip!
    great place for holiday indeed :D

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