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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Sloggi ZERO PLUS Collection

I've always been a fan of Sloggi due to their funky designs yet they're very comfortable to wear. And guess what, their new range, Zero Plus, has made me even crazier of their lingerie and I just feel like own them all!

Following the previous Sloggi Zero collection, the bar of "stylish comfort" has just been raised with the new Sloggi Zero Plus which designed to give you the freedom you deserve, fit to your taste. The collections comes in the new variants of two briefs styles, three cup styles, four stunning new colours with contrast, and infinite possibilities! Let's check out the new collection below!

As usual, Sloggi Zero Plus range comes in two types: underwire and wirefree bras. The picture above has underwire, which gives better lifting and shaping effect especially when women are trying to enhance the appearance of their breasts or cleavage. It is then further classified as with and without padding.

While this is the wirefree bra which also known as softcup bra. As the name suggests, wirefree bra emphasizes more on "comfort" and this is also the most common reason why women choose these over the underwire one. These wirefree bras tend to last longer and easier to care for because there is no underwire to bend or break.

The ultra-flat edges of each bra cup and its super-soft lining ultimately create a perfect silhouette that further enhances Sloggi Zero Plus's invisible effect under clothes.

Just like Sloggi Zero, the new collection uses Sloggi's Advance Bonding Technology too; it uses heat to bond rather than sewing new breathable micro-fiber together for an incredible fit. A micro-brush effect on the soft and light fabric then provides a satin smooth feel of a warm embrace. The high spandex content of the fabric gives the underwear more elasticity so that you are free to move, and do whatever you want, whenever you want to do.

This Sloggi Zero Plus range comes in four colours: nude, black, blue and purple. I personally love the satin silk appearance of their lingerie very much!

Now move on to their briefs which is also one of the most comfortable range I've tried and most importantly they do not create panty lines even when I wear body hugging dresses.

Many women wear different size for different brand's lingerie, so it is better to have their staffs to measure your size beforehand. Sloggi's staffs are very helpful and friendly that I got the correct size within second try.

Sloggi Zero Plus collections are very versatile that you can simply pair it up with any outfits. I love wearing them to college especially when I move around a lot and they just stay fit and are very comfortable to wear.

I'm totally in love with their new Zero Plus collection because it's very fitting and oh-so-comfortable! Now I don't need to worry about the bra strap falls off from my shoulder or I have to keep adjusting the position of my bra when I move around. It just feels like you're not wearing anything yet it lifts up and enhances the appearance of your breasts. Honestly, it's my first time so in love with a bra without padding because it adds volume to my breast and looks fuller while the usual one doesn't.

If you're wondering whether is it that comfortable or am I being over exaggerate, you may visit their counter and try them out. There's no harm just trying it out right? I bet you will fall in love with the Sloggi brand just like me! :P

Sloggi Zero Plus collection is available at all Sloggi counters and price starts from RM149.90 for bra while RM42.90 for briefs.

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