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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

[Beauty Review] eTwo Sublative Resurfacing @ Renee Clinic

Every girls' dream is to walk out confidently with their bare face and I'm so proud to say now I can do that too! I used to have flawless skin but my face started to break out when I was Form 5 and silly me doesn't know how to take care at all. I don't use cleanser, mask or any serum to cure my pimples yet I like to pop my pimples with hands and sleep late every night due to SPM, which explains my awful acne and acne scars right now. I was so regret why I didn't take good care of my skin back then but complaining doesn't help. I've tried various products but it doesn't cure my acne and acne scars, so I've decided to seek for consultation from aesthetic clinic.

I was introduced to Renee Clinic, an aesthetic clinic situated in the heart of KL, providing a wide range of confidential, professional and personalized aesthetic services and laser treatments, from non-invasive to minimally invasive procedures.

Despite their very clinical looking glass door, they have such comfortable and cozy area on the inside.

Renee Clinic is established based on the core belief that "Everyone deserves to be beautiful", led by two experienced doctors who are passionate about aesthetics, Dr. Cheok Jia Rhong and Dr. Renee Law. These certificates are the proof of their continuance of participation in local and international aesthetic conferences to keep themselves up-to-date in the always-changing field of aesthetic medicine and achievements.

Upon arrival, I was given a registration form to fill in my details, concerns, medical backgrounds and etc. Then I was brought in for consultation with Dr. Cheok.

Basically he will first ask what's my major concern, then he will analyse my skin condition and recommend which treatment is suitable for me. For my case, I've always wanted to get rid of my acne and acne scars so he gave me two options, Carbon Peel and eTwo Sublative Resurfacing. He then suggested me to do eTwo Sublative Resurfacing, which will be more effective but the process will be more pain and the redness and swelling will be last for few days.

eTwo Sublative is a treatment which stimulates new collagen growth in the deep dermis and is used to treat textural irregularities, wrinkles, acne scars and sun spots. It doesn't involve lasers, but they can totally resurface the skin, stimulating the same effects of various similar laser treatments. No doubt, I chose to do eTwo Sublative because it's more effective and the effect is permanent and improves with every session (however, the result may deteriorate if skin condition is not maintained properly), unlike Carbon Peel, which requires maintenance every 3-6 months.

Before we move to the treatment room, I was required to sign a consent agreement, which will explain what's eTwo Sublative, stating all the possible effects and after care instructions.

They will first help me to apply numbing cream for about 20 minutes. According to Dr. Cheok, the pain is bearable but he's afraid that I might can't take it since it's my first time doing aesthetic treatment.

Of course you're allowed to move around freely after applying numbing cream and there's a private area prepared for patients too. TV, magazines, biscuits and even coffee are provided for you to kill the time.

After 20 minutes, Dr. Cheok then come in and start to do the eTwo Sublative treatment. He will first tested it on my face carefully and ask me whether is it very pain or bearable. It feels like an ant bite in the first place, then when he place it on the same spot for second time, it is much more painful, perhaps about level 8 out of 10. I got pretty nervous after that but Dr. Cheok keep comfort me, asking me to relax and the whole process done within 2-3 minutes.

Then his assistant uses the same machine for after care to calm my skin and reduce redness. She also help me to apply recovery cream and sunblock, which will be my only skin care routine for the next few days until the redness subsides.

Taken right after the treatment. Significant redness and swelling on my face, which is also the only downside of eTwo Sublative.

*click in for larger image*

As I've mentioned, significant redness and swelling on my face right after I did the treatment as if I got sunburn. You may experience some pain even after the treatment but no worries, it will be gone in a while. Remember to clear all your appointments for the first two days as you cannot expose to sun and apply make up yet. If you apply make up immediately after, you may risk infecting the raw wounds on which they did the treatment on. In these two days, I only apply post laser cream and sunblock after I've washed my face and no toner, moisturizer etc.

On day 3, redness and swelling subsides and that's when I can go back to my usual skincare routine and no need to apply post laser cream anymore. Mild scabbing started to form and remember do not peel it as it will fall off automatically when you wash your face. On day 5, there's only a little scabbing remaining on my face and it's recovering bit by bit.

PS// I've labelled my picture wrongly. It should be day 1, day 3 and day 5 respectively.

I was monitoring the recovery of my skin from redness and scabbing these few days and tends to forget the 'before' look of my skin condition, so I was quite disappointed when I see there are still some acne scars on my face after recovered. However, when I compare the 'before' and 'after' picture side by side, I can see huge improvement on my skin condition and I can feel it myself too. As you can see, my face is much more clearer especially on my chin and lighten my acne scars. It does reduce my laugh lines and firm up my skin. Totally loving my skin condition now even though it's not perfect yet! Even my friends say my skin looks smoother and glowing too :P

Since it's my first time doing aesthetic treatment, I was pretty scare and worry about the outcome and when will the redness and swelling subsides. In fact, you just need to treat it as normal, following the dos and don'ts stated by doctor and you can have flawless skin in a week!

eTwo Sublative Resurfacing costs RM1,250 per session. If you have serious acne problems, I may suggest you to take up their buy 3 free 1 package but of course you will need to consult the professionals beforehand.

Photo opportunity with Dr. Renee and Dr. Cheok. :)

I will definitely recommend Renee Clinic due to their excellent customer service and professionalism. All their staffs are very friendly yet serious when come to work. Dr. Cheok also gave me a lot of advice on how to take care of my skin, what type of product should I use etc. (Y) If you have any skin concerns, you may contact Renee Clinic at 603 4040 0778 and make an appointment with them for consultation. Cheers to flawless skin! :)

Renee Clinic
No. 468-G-9, Ground Floor,
Block G, Riverwalk Village (Rivercity),
3rd Mile Jalan Ipoh
51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(Behind HSBC, Maybank & Affin Bank)
(Opposite AEON Big Jalan Ipoh)

Opening hour:
Mon: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Tue to Sun: 10:00AM - 7:00PM

Tel: 603 4040 0778 or 6016 665 1113


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    Pudding Monster

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