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Sunday, November 09, 2014

[Beauty Review] Philips VisaPure, the Gentle Cleansing Device

Being one of the biggest beauty sins, it was revealed that a third of women sleep with their makeup on at least two nights a week in a recent survey. By doing so, it will cause clogged pores and oil glands, your skin is unable to breathe, regenerate tissue, exfoliate dead surface cells and heal itself. During my previous interview with Dr. Christina, an aesthetic physician, there's no short cut to flawless skin that you must remove makeup and cleanse your face everyday before you go to bed despite a long day working/studying, but there's one fastest way to cleanse your face thoroughly in only 1 minute, with the help of a cleansing device.

There are getting more and more cleansing devices in the market and I believe many ladies do own one as well. I was so lucky to be invited to Philips VisaPure launch (link) months ago and given a set for review purposes. I've been using it for a month or more and I...

I'm using the SC5275 model in peach colour with 2 speed setting and comes with 1 normal skin brush head and 1 sensitive skin brush head. This iconic and stylish finish designed Philips VisaPure has also won the best product design award in 2013!

Unboxing Philips VisaPure:
  • Philips VisaPure Cleansing Device
  • Normal Skin Brush Head
  • Sensitive Skin Brush Head
  • Adapter & Charging Stand
  • Travel Pouch
  • Warranty
  • User Manual

As I've mentioned, the SC5272 model comes with 2 brush head: sensitive skin (on the left in baby pink colour) and normal skin. The bristles are made of synthetic material (nylon) that maintain the hygiene benefit even after long term usage. I love the fact of how soft and gentle is it on my skin especially the sensitive skin brush head is so fluffy I can die! :P On a side note, it's recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months (every 6 months for exfoliating skin brush head as you only use it once a week) or when the filaments are deformed or damaged.

Philips VisaPure has waterproof feature hence you can clean it under the tap with warm water (max. 40°C/104°F) without removing the brush head. However, it is suggested to clean the back of the brush head and the connection pin of the device at least once a week. You just need to pull out the brush head softly when removing.

Unlike most of the cleansing devices in the market, Philips VisaPure does not require battery but charging with its standing dock. One full charge can last up to 3 weeks or more (2 weeks if you're using it twice a day during day and night). When it's running out of battery, there'll be red light flashing when you're using the device.

It also comes with a travel pouch which makes it perfect for travelling. I brought it along with me to Taiwan last month and I love how compact and portable is it can be easily slip into my bag.

Philips VisaPure is very easy to use with its two speed setting: 'gentle cleansing' and 'deep cleansing' mode for tailored cleansing intensiveness. Press the button 1 time for gentle cleansing and 2 times for deep cleansing with extra speed and there's an indicator below the button showing which speed setting you're using.

One of my favourite features of Philips VisaPure is skin zone timer which indicates when is it time to move on to the next area, ensuring the face and decolletage are cleansed thoroughly and evenly. It suggests to change face skin area (T-zone, left cheek and right cheek) after 20 seconds with a short pause about 0.5 seconds. The full program lasts 1 minute after which Philips VisaPure automatically switches off after to prevent overtreatment. You may first apply the cleanser on your face then only cleanse it with Philips VisaPure (remember always moisten the brush head with water before using to avoid skin irritation).

I have been using Philips VisaPure for a month or more and I personally think it works great on me. Currently I'm using it every night with the normal skin brush head yet it's not over-stripping or drying my skin. To be honest, I can't really feel anything when I first use it (maybe I was expecting too much) but after approximately two weeks of using Philips VisaPure, I can see my face is much more clearer and brighter. I didn't know what means by 'clear skin' until I experience it with Philips VisaPure. I'm not being exaggerating but it's exactly how I feel after using it.

I'm so glad that I brought it along during my trip to Taiwan last month and I just love how convenient is it and cleanses my face gently yet thoroughly in just 1 minute especially when there were times I feel lazy to wash my face after a long day out in the city. So far every time when I go on vacation (no matter in Malaysia or overseas), my skin will become worse day by day and I will surely come home with 1 or 2 big pimples on my face. However, surprisingly I was able to maintain my skin condition this time and even cured my pimples during the trip.

I personally think it would be a great investment for flawless skin despite its premium price at RM799 which may be too much for a student like me. Using your bare hands to wash your face of dirt and makeup isn't enough for a proper cleansing. There might still be dirt residue, dead skin cells or sebum secretion left inside the pores. Furthermore, your hands are unable to reach certain contours of your face, resulting in an accumulation of residue in those areas that will clog up the pores and cause spots and dullness. This is where Philips VisaPure plays an important role to a woman's complexion with its 'Dual Motion' feature.

It's my first cleansing device so I can't really compare and tell what's the difference between this and the others in the market, but one thing that I can't deny is this Philips VisaPure works perfectly fine on me and it even improve my skin condition. Definitely a yay! (Y)

Philips VisaPure will be available at major electrical and departmental stores and priced at RM799 for SC5275 (peach colour, 2 speed setting and comes with 1 normal skin brush head and 1 sensitive skin brush head) and SC6265 at RM699 (blue colour, 1 speed setting and 1 normal skin brush head).

Additional Philips VisaPure brush heads are also available for different skin types: normal skin replacement brush head SC5990 (RM59), sensitive skin replacement brush head SC5991 (RM65), and exfoliating skin replacement brush head SC5992 (RM69).

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