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Saturday, January 23, 2010


listening GEE by SNSD ;)
simply put it as my blog post title
so random~ ._.

hmm another week gone
im getting closer with my classmates i dhk o.O
i cant stop sampat-ing with YuenChee
and we getting more & more crazyy! HAHAHAHH
did so many things in this week till that i cant list it all out here ;)

staying back with him continuously these two days! :DD
he came school and fetch me :P
went DPC at first but halau by the guard cause we playing swingg! XD
and next, changed to PLAYGROUNDD!
hehh here become our secret place ;)
no one thr & we can do, talk & play anythg we want! =D
he's starting his full-time work next week >< but i dhk i can see him more? HAHAH! :P HIM ; my personal driverrr :D ♥ oh yeah while waiting him to come, went to JingWen's class and kacau kacau :P hehh! and and help her to decorate juga lahhh about afta 2 hours of drawing & colouring, guess what's the hasil? o.O they take it off == cause thr have so many blemish x.x opss time to cont my tv :) so lazyy blogging == so, CIAOS!

To you, you and YOU,

hmm let me start with this sentences,
"are you really a girl?"
you knw what, you mepersiasuikan we girls!
wth are you thking?
i dont knw what else i can say but,
continue what you wanna do :)
cause you never affect me.

two days,
i left my camera in the bag & gave it to my mom ==


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