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Saturday, August 30, 2014

[Beauty Review] F Cup Rich Cookie in Strawberry Flavour

Originated from Japan, F Cup Cookie becomes the best-selling slimming and breast enhancement product in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. In Japan particularly, over 4.5 million boxes were sold. What's more, it is highly recommended by celebrities in various Taiwanese TV shows such as "Nu Ren Wo Zui Da", "Wo De Mei Ran Ji" and UK BBC Radio.

F Cup Cookie is a beauty supplement that simultaneously delivers various benefits, including slimming and breast enhancing. It not only provides you with 8 essential amino acids, but also boosts the growth of mammary gland. Being low-calorie and appetite-satisfying, it helps maintain healthy and balanced diet. The new F Cup Rich cookies made with 2x more Peuraria Mirifica than the ordinary F Cup cookies, giving you double the breast enhancement power!

Benefits derived from Peuraria Minifica:
  • Breast enlargement - It enables plump and resilient breasts by accelerating blood circulation and stimulating the growth of mammary gland.
  • Skin enhancement - Like estrogen naturally produced in human body, it maintains velvety smooth skin.
  • Anti-age - It leaves skin radiant and elastic as it vitalizes skin cell and promotes better protein synthesis.

Nutrition information and ingredients were printed on the box for your reference. You must also take note of the packaging where you only buy with the Gold Label Sticker to avoid imitations.

There are 15 sticks per box and are in strawberry flavours. As you can see, there are some dried berries in the cookie which make it taste even better. Consume 1 piece of cookie a day with plenty of water.

I've heard of this F Cup cookie since long ago but I was hesitated to try it out due to its price and rumours of the side effects caused by this supplement (eg. hormone imbalance and acne breakouts). However, I've decided to accept the challenge because it's well recognized in overseas and there are many successful testimonials too. After one month of consumption, I'm so sad to say that I did not feel or see any improvement of my breasts. As stated, every individual reacts differently to supplements and it is advisable to consume for at least more than 2 months to see results. Besides, it does not cause any allergy, irritation or even acne breakouts like what people claimed to be. I've attached some frequently asked questions below for your reference.

1. How soon can I get the results?
Every individual reacts differently to supplements. Some may see immediate results in 3 weeks while others may take longer.

2. Do I have to continue taking for long period? How to maintain the perfect body figure?
It is not a dependent medication, once you have achieved the body figure, it is not necessary to continue F Cup cookies. But it is advisable to consume for at least more than 2 months.

3. Does F Cup cookies have any side effects?
No, unless taking incorrectly. Japan's Ministry of Health and KKM has approved and proven the ingredients as a Non-hazardous Health Food.

4. Any people are not suitable to take the product?
People who are having allergy to any ingredients of the products, cancer patients of any form, pregnant woman, breast feeding women, those who have high blood pressure and heart disease.

5. Where can I purchase F Cup Rich Cookie?
F Cup Rich Cookie is now available at Tokyoninki (product link) and various Sasa outlets. Tokyoninki is having promotion currently where you can purchase 2 boxes for only RM148 with free bra organizer.

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  1. Finally someone did an honest review about this! Just wondering did u still continue consuming it just to be sure? Was really curious about it too cuz my friends were telling me about it.


    1. Nope, I did not continue. However, my friend says it does work on her, so I guess everyone reacts differently to supplements.

  2. When I saw the F Cup Cookie in MaskSlim about a year ago, I would've never guessed that it was actually a thing that celebrities and bloggers would vouch for. Thanks very much for the review. I don't think I'd ever take the cookies though as I'm quite happy with my mini A cups at the moment. haha.

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

  3. Haha.. yea... it works for some and it doesn't work for some sadly =/


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