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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ginvera Marvel White Skincare Launch

Good morning lovelies! So last week I get to witness a sweet and unique wedding ceremony of Mr. Shiso and Mrs. Green Tea at Full House, Giant Cheras Batu 9. It's actually the grand launching of Ginvera Marvel White series featuring two of its unique Japanese ingredient - Shiso and Green Tea. I love the idea that they use wedding theme to present their new products and emphasize the effectiveness of their products with the combination of Shiso and Green Tea.

Following the traditional way of wedding ceremony, the Ginvera Marvel White Skincare range has been launched officially too. Post its launch in 2002, Ginvera Green Tea Skincare range has been well accepted by the consumers due to its efficacy and unique product offerings especially Zero Blackheads Marvel Gel which has been proven to be effective with its numerous consumer challenges (including me!), it has now revamped to Ginvera Marvel White series to offer flawlessly fair skin!

It then goes on by a little introduction of Ginvera and product presentation. Ginvera Marvel White is a flawless whitening dual functions skincare range, targeting young females in the age group 20s to 29s who have common problems like blackhead, marks or pimples. The new and improved Marvel White series has offers a convenient and easy to use packaging which also looks cues natural and trendy. One of its unique Japanese ingredient, Shiso, is a natural active ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory benefits that offers soothing relief from redness and itchiness, and helps to prevent formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples by inhibiting the growth and bacteria. Green Tea on the other hand offers anti-oxidant and whitening benefits.

They have prepared a demonstration session on the spot to teach you how to check your skin condition, their products usage and so on. One of their highlights is Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel which helps to gently yet effectively get rid of blackheads without pain. It can be use daily unlike other ordinary facial scrub and results guaranteed within 1 application.

Sounds promising but how is it upon application? We also get to try out the product on our hands personally and I can see many dead skin cells on my hand after massaging for few minutes.

Various activities/games and photo props in relation to wedding and Ginvera Marvel White series were prepared for us too.

 With the other bloggers during the event, Jacqueline and Fishie :)

Ended the post with a picture with my favourite blogger, Cheesie! 

Ginvera Marvel White Skincare series is now available at various distribution outlets like Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Aeon, Tesco, The Store, Parkson, Chinese medical halls and other leading pharmacies. For full review of the Ginvera Marvel White Skincare series, please stay tuned! :D

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