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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1st time wash dishes ? :P

this is the first time wash the dishes by myself~ :P
force by my sis ! >.<
just now i was eat maggi mee wif sis~ gona fat jor ! TT
thn finish alr she ask me to wash orh !!
she said she cook thn i wash d dishes~ LOL~
mwahhh~ hw i noe hw 2 wash jeh ! ==
thn she teach me~ :D
im nt da xiao jie aaaa !! :P
hahaha i just wash 2 bowl & a pot oni bt waste many time & water~
xDD i nvr wash be4 mar !
afta finish wash tat i din close d tap~
thn kena scolded by sis agn ! ==
hahaha i repeat tat agn & agn~
paiseh la~ 1st time le~
mwahahahhaa~ xP


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