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Thursday, November 27, 2008

CrazyShopping ! I lubbs it~

ytd slp at 3 am ! so nw vry tired le~
hehe ytd sms wif him frm 1am til 3am~
when i cant slp n he acc me til i slp !
anyway i reli feel hapi & sweet bcuz of u~ :P
recently duno y alwayz almost 3am oni can slp~
cuz morning too late get up ?

2day morning get up at 8am ! siaooo~
thn i slp back agn~ hahaha~
11am i oni wake up~
between dis time i kip on get up thn slp back agn~
LOL~ whats going on wif me ? hahah
2day v r goin 2 sunway !
ytd heard my mom say d aunty aunty punya 8am thn wait ther jor
so she say 2day wana go ther earlier orh~
thn i thk almost 9am thn wana go alr lor?
v go by sis bf's car so wana wait they fetch us lo~
LOL~ frm morning wait til 130pm !!
they aso vry EARLY jeh~ ==
reach ther almost 2sth alr lor~
ngek ngek~ v gona "sou fo" lor !! eeee~ :D
sunway new wing ther jusco hv discount~ jz 4 member~
sum clothes reli damn cheap la~ bt nt nice barh~
hahaa me n sis reli CRAZY SHOPPING larr~
xDD damn shuang !
v kip on take d clothes n try~
hahah~ no size alr thn v ask d promoter
he ask us to KOREK ?! @@
LOL~ hahaha when v found d s size shirt reli crazy alr !
2day i bought many shorts aa !
my mom lorr..
when v reach ther thn she gimme 3 shorts 2 try~
clothes jz buy 3 /4 oni larr~
DEC ! gona buy agn !
v spend almost 4 hrs at ther thn gona back luu~
when back i saw HAAGEN DAZS !! My favourites ! :D
bt v wana bak alr so next time oni buy le~ TT
anyway im so happi 2day larr~
when back, feels like wana rain alr~ thn started rain heavily !
his car so COLD le ! thn kena tahan til i bak home~ >.<
abt 635 v oni reach home~
afta having dinner thn continue on9 lorr~
i aso duno y i hav so CUTEE punya gor gor !!
tats WeiKeat~ LOL~
he gimme 2 websites & ask me 2 c~
its abt 2012 12 22 v gona DIE ?
zzz i dun belif such thgs lar~
bt keat kip on say he wana die jor ! ==
dun belif these thgs lar~
he said he canot go 2 pub~ apa apa~
lalala luckily i went pub be4~ hehe :P
aiyo dun belif these lar~
although its true SO ?
u canot jz thk tat u wana die alr d mar~
thk positively lar~ ==
lol~ wadeva i dun belif lo ! cuz im nt 3 years old babeee~ ;D
eee~ Its time 2 gaming agn~ BuaiiiByeee ! xP


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