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Saturday, November 22, 2008

nonsense ! xP

i thk my hols jz gaming, gaming & gaming !!
i reli long time din play maple liao larr~
me damn noob nw d~ TT
eeee ytd nite create a new job in fornax~
PIRATE !! taa daaa~ muaahahahaha
eee 2day lvl up til lvl 15 niaa~
bt im damn bad d la~
yerrr tat zhu tou weiyan aso wana lvl 15 liao !!
zhu aaa !!
gunbound aso~
tat weiyan all games aso beta thn me !!
gunbound i super noob d !!
i cant catch d angle~ LOL~
sumur standard 5 jz play once..
nw all forgot alr lor..
dis hols muz train myself !! xDD
i cant b a noobie in maple n gunbound !!
duno y now many ppl create blog lor..
cuz IN ??!
hahahahaha~ i cal sl aso create a blog
thn v sama sama blogging niaa~
she ask me wana write abt wad ?!
i say SL FOOD LIFE !!
muaaahahahahahah !!
she super like 2 eat d leh~
hahaha evrytime chat wif her thn she sure say HUNGRY !!
thn wana go cook or bancuh milo jor~ LOL !!
bt she damn slim d le !!
weeeeeeee~ many ppl aso envy her !
eat too much bt wun fat !!
xDD gud laa sl !
if she c dis blog sure an shuang agn ~ xP
dis hols i reli wana train myself in evry aspek !!
eeeeee~ :D
study ! gaming ! fizikal ! n much much more !!
next year gona form 3 life alr~
am i scare ?!
or jz relax like dis year ?!
PMR ?! til nw i feel stil ok lar..
bt mayb next year feel stress alr~
anyway STUDY HARD laa !
canot let them pandang rendah ~ ngek ngek !! xDD

jz stop here barh~


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. yo~~weih dat day i wasn't purposely to say those words leh..i noe it's quite hurt..hehe anyway i take back those words..sry for saying dat thg..emm and jia you in ur maple lah XD


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