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Sunday, November 30, 2008

30 Nov

2day gona wake up early at 915 in d morning~ ><
damn tired larr ytd slp at 2 sth like tat~
these days reli SIENZ !
frwenz all go camp lerr~
yeehui aa, weiyan, zhanfeng, kin, weikeat, ziwei, huiann~~ blabla~
all go camp jor !
few ppl on9 oni~ so sienz..
i aso no mood wana on9 jz open d msn & away lorr~
hmm 2day 10sth afta pack thgs thn balik kampung lorr~
i rmb last time go bak grandma hse was August..
eee cuz she passed away~
haih reli duno wad 2 say~
sth prob happen in my family so.. TT
reli duno wad can i do anymur~
I really damn miss u, popo !!
when on d way bak home v pass by d burial..
make me thk of her~
i reli dunwan they leave me one by one~ >.<
since these thgs happened, i will cherish evrythg i have & evryone ! ;)


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