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Thursday, November 20, 2008

eee~ geram !

O M G !!
my elder sis~
so noob la her !
jz nw around 440 my hse area raining heavily..
thn mayb she sms her bf?! duno lar..~
thn she ask mom~
"(no electricity) eng cal wad?
thn (thunder) n (lightning) le?
(lightning) how 2 spell?"
orh damnnn !!
u 20 years old alr laa..
wad aso duno~
pls lar..
im jz 14 years old gona 15 lorr~
evrythg im better thn u !
u jz alwayz shopping aa..
abuden thn chat wif fren at hse..
nvr c u study even exam d lor..
alwayz hang out til midnight oni wana cum bak..
if mom din cal u bak thn u wun cum bak d la ??!
sumur nw holidays le~
u jz waste ur holidays like tat..
evryday wake up thn sit infront of d comp..
chatting.hearing song.playing mp5~
alwayz hearing 2 d same song..
i aso sienz liao la.. sumur i noe hw 2 sing alr ! ==
otherwise thn u go shopping wif fren or wad..
walauuu ur taste damn bad d la..
alwayz buy many clothes tat ugly n expensive !
dun thk v vry rich laa~
alwayz waste ur money lik tat..
like ur family copy money punya..
although im wasting laa~ hehe paiseh..
bt at least i wil reflect myself nt like u !
and horr
dun alwayz argue wif dad, mom, grandma n sis laa !
wad they do jz for ur own gud k?!
n ur bad attitude reli make us bu shuang d le~
always dunwan listen 2 wad v told u..
tut la v wun ham hoi u d k >!
jz b a gud daughter n a gud sis !

sry u r my sis..
i noe i shud nt say u like tat~


  1. yea la..cannot say ur sis lidat de~
    i guess ur sis must be very cute~

  2. although u say like dat...
    but u still love ur sis....
    n ur sis also luv u althought she also geram u~~ muahahahahahaha~

  3. hahahaha~
    quite d..
    cuz i alwayz crazy wif her punya~


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