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Monday, January 05, 2009


super miss my buds :X
2day scul reopen
& i can meet them !! :DD
lets talk abt my budddds :)

MinXuan, my best fren ! preetyyy gal & clever :)
JiaJia, crazyy fella! hv fun all d time wif her :D
MakZai, she's short ! hahah :X d cutee 1
JingWen, alwayz 8 abt ppl thgs wif her
ZiWei, wi wang wang~ preetyy bt super 38 nia
HuiAnn, always zat ppl wif her :D
YeeHui, sexayyy fur ? she's mineee
Eunice, mushhroom ! sweetheart ?
WeiYan, my horny si fu & zhuyannn :)
AhkIn, super ZILIAN ! @@
SheyLin, sazai~ she loves 2 eat eat eatttt !
YiWen, crazyy bt seriuos too :S baka hehe
ZiXuan, d sexyy fella ? XD
XinJo, sampat ! im 14 nyaa~ heee :D
Ching Sheong, da cute bearr! & d one hu cal me xiong mao ==
Edward, he's perfect !! :33
KamWhye, da tiger ! rawrrr!! da one always brb~ xD
Mojojo, my honeyyy ! <3>
Eugene, da one almost same name wif me~ dearrr :)

eee thats all !
SUREE stil gt many ppl haven listed nyaa
paiseh ehh ><
cz impossible list it out one by one barh ? :X
dunno y most of them all sot sot 1
hahah mayb mental prob ? XD

btw glad 2 met all of euuuu !!! :3


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