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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


25 Jan
1st of all
both also cutiees!
at night, my relatives & sis bf came
& had reunion dinner :)
long time nvr c my uncle lerr
eerm abt 10 years ? HEEE
eeee OMG nt enuf place ehhhh
i rampas wif sis
so she wana wait 1 of us finish dinner only can eat lu :P
WOOW damnn fulll! & heavier alr ? xD
afta tht i just walking arnd, chatting & watch movie!!
HAHAH movie girl ?!?
slp at abt 3am 2night! :D

26 Jan

wowoww! 2day woke up early in da morning!! HAHA
at abt 1030 ? maybe.
when i walk 2 living room thr sis all wake up alr & sitting thr watch movie
LOL just left me belum bath & chg clothes
i just wore a simple tee & shorts :D
eee 2day sangat ANG arrrhh!
arnd 11 sth all relatives come 2 my hrs
bt i stil haven gao dim ? HAHAH
v all just chit chatting thr
woooots! i love da feel wif all cousyy & uncle aunty~ ishh :)
eerrmm feels comfortable ? XD
afta tht they all headed 2 uncle's hrs
while at night
v went 2 aunt's hrs
OMG her dogggie superrbb cutee!
like a POALA BEAR!!!!! :D
bt v all damn scare of him
errmm bcz he damn fierce barhh ? xD
2day is uncle's bufdayy!!
aunt bought a BlueBerry cake frm BePastry (if nt wrong spell like this barh ? :P)
wooow superb SMALL bt EX!! cost abt rm80
eeee her hrs gt many games lehh!
psp, ps2, guitar hero, x Box blablahh apa pun ada!
bt NO WII! ):
hiakhiakk waiting sis buy 4 me afta PMR :D
abt 11 sth v went back home & slp at 3am again 2night!
my look 2day xD

ANGPAUs (just a part lar :D)
eat eat eat!!
27 Jan

2day patutnya wake up at 9am
bt let my mom wake me up alr ><
she said neighbour's hrs ada lion dance
ask me mau pergi tengok ant
LOL thn i fas fas bath thn go out & hav a look
evry year aso hav 1
bt i thk this year worse barhh.. eee
abt 1030 thn v leave our hrs & balik kampung
aaaa crazy in da car again ? XD
go thr take time abt 1 hours
so 11 sth thn v reach thr
aunt aso ngam ngam reach thr jehh
eeee! OMG feel scare!!
bcz da DOG!
EEE~ aunt hav 2 pet dog~ errmm baria dog la
LOL their name damn funnyy1!
1 is "da wow wow" while another1 is "xiao wow wow"
EEE!! gilerr! HAHAH crazyyy name nia!
dad bought 2 laptop so boleh watch movie again!!! HAHAH
abt 330 thn v went 2 relatives hrs & back 2 kl at abt 7pm ler
omg vry tired these days!
slp lateee bt wake up early! ><>
eeee bz chatting nw so bubyeee! :D


  1. wow RED lo...HUAT ler la..... xDDDD..lion dance ... sound like mandagascar 2 punye LION yeeehaaa

  2. haha superb RED!
    LOL~ madagascar pulak xD

  3. bibu learn me write many days in a blog (:
    red REd RED XD
    hmm.. busy chat with who?? hahaha

  4. haha apa larr
    be4 i write lik tht alr lu
    lazy ma sekali gus write all lu xD
    busy chatting wif PPL :P


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