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Friday, January 02, 2009

The dayyys =)

27 Dec, Sat

2day jz went out & bought scul uni
eee no nid 3 mins gao dim! XD
afta tat back home & went out shopping wif sis & mummyyy
hmm din bought any shirt 2day, mayb d clothes ther nt suit me :S

abt 7pm oni reach home so mummy din cook luu
v went kepong ther da bao nasi lemak & wantan mee lorr
wooots nasi lemak ther damn niceee 1
d stall stil haven open thn many ppl lined up ther alr
while at nite thn on9 & gaming lorr~

28 Dec, Sun

2day woke up at abt 1 sth~ lol vry tiredddd
i thk when scul reopen must set many alarms around me :/

afternoon follow sis go bak 2 herhostel & clean up d room
bt when i reach ther
jz walking around, sms & playing games
while they bz cleaning d room
so i went ther jz like travel XD
wooots damn song 1 !
abt 630 thn v finish clean d room
afta tat v went McDonald's 2 hav dinner :D
7pm thn mom & grandma went 4 dinner alr
thn sis & I watch movie lorr
"Forgetting Sarah Marshall"
the movie just about love & many abt Sex~ eeeee
i thk i shud nt watch this movie XD
bt d movie's cast act damn funi & stupid 1~ hahah
abt 11 sth thn v eat supper ( damn fat alr :P )
& a while more slpppppp !

29 Dec, Mon


2day went 1u wif mummyyyyyy!eeeee~

i told her tat i wana go ther buy scul shoes

bt act i wan shopping niaa XD
2day is public hols so v 1030 go ther..

luckily stil gt lots parking :D

afta bought d scul shoes jz walk around..
i jz bought 3 clothes cz ther nt reli many shirts suit me
owhyeaa i saw abg kuan wah & his family ther
and aso a gal ( eee forgot her name :X ) at ther too
v shop abt 3 hours thn feel vry tired alr XD
thn v had lunch at PizzaHut
act wana eat at Dragon-i d bt i forgot alr
v spent abt 1 hours at ther
& ther damn colddddd !!
abt 430 thn v left & went bak home
eee mumyy said bring me go MidValey buy clothes agn ! :D
afta back home v watch WILD CHILD:))
eeee i love dis movie !!! XDfunnyyy & niceee~
Emma Roberts so preeetyyyy
thn on9 a while & went out 4 buffet luu
2mr my cousin sis get marryyyy :) congrats !
so 2day nite hav buffet at her hrs
many foods ther ! eee so full larr~
thn v all kepo chit-chatting ther XD
v stay at her hrs until 11pm, bak home & SLPPP~

xmass deco :)
Wild Child

Hapi buffdayyy 2 my cousin bro !!

30 Dec, Tues

2day cousin sis get marryy !!!! :DD
eee wana wake up early in d morning thn went 2 aunt's hrs

when v reach ther ngam ngam taking pics
wooots damn leng la her ! :33
abt 10am bridegroom comeeee
hahah v SUREEE play him 1 XD
blablabla & v stay until 11 am lidat thn back luu
while at nite v went 4 dinner at Restoran Park View
at Desa Park City ther
bcz near our hrs sumur nt prepare enuf
all jz wear like casual 2 attend d dinner
abt 1130 thn v go bak home masing masing XD

HEARTS' cousyyyyy <3

31 Dec, Wed
2day nth special jz guai guai stay at home & act lik a baby luu :X
act afternoon wana ask fren go out yamcha
bt my sis hv 2 study 2mr so no transport ):
she asked me follow her back 2 scul thn i wait her in d room~ LOL
i said dunwan cz i wana SLP~ xD
abt 1 sth thn she sms me said tat her class canceled
if i follow her bak thn she bring me 2 mines
eeeeeee regret aaaaarhhh ><
so i jz stay at home & keep on doing d same thingys
chit-chatting, listening 2 music, gaming, walking around, eating ><
wheeee act at nite go 2 Desa Park City Waterfront therr
cz ada function
urmm lik live band, firecrockers lidat XD
bt at nite dad come bak late so cancel din go alr ):
evrytime aso lidat 1 reli em song liao !!
suann~ so jz countdown wif fren in msn at home luu :X
shuang !! thanks my buds~ :DD
when the clock stop at 12 sharpp

enjoyyyy d day :)

1 Jan, Thurs

say bye 2 2008 & WELCOMEE 2009 !
ehemm my bufday stil haven pas nyaaa
so jz 14 !!! :DD youngg~
i will do my best in evrythgs ;)
haha 2day woke up at abt 2pm ><
cz ytd reli vry tiredd & slp lateee~ XD
when im having lunch suddenly thk abt tat
when im stil small
begitu dao gei 1 !!! ishhh :X
hahah if i bcum a babyyy agn~ thats GOOD !!
2day watched 2 movies XD
Kung Fu Panda & Love on the Rockk
bothh damn funnyyy !!!!1 :DD
at nite dinner thn went 2 jusco wif family ! <33

2mr going date wif XINJO !!
damn nervouss :3

2 Jan, Fri

2day woke up early in d morning
ehemm cz ltr im going date wif a jo !
heeeee :DD
abt 945 she sms me & said tat she reached ! :X
sampat ! be4 pergi jusco mom fetch me 2 scul & buy colar badge
wooots begitu byk org larr~ so paisehhhh !!!!
so i wait in d car & she go in buyy :D
v meet at popularr ther thn v went 2 cinema & buy ticket
fuiyohh act wana scare xinjo d~ bt failed ><
the movie start at 1210 so v jz walk around, play games~
thn v go merry brown jz order drinks & sat ther 4 half an hours :P
hhaha v damn crazyy 1~ chit-chatting & swinging ther !!!
v saw eunicee therr ! bt she luks like wana pengsan liao~ haha
afta enjoyyiingg in MerryBrown v went 2 jusco & scare her ! :))
thn v went up n watched YES MAN !!! yoohooo~
eeee kinda funnyyy 1~ xD
afta d movie thn v go PLAY agn ! heeee
abt 4pm thn v having our lunchhh~
i ordered tradisional chicken rice ? :X
btw taste stil okie lerr~
afta tat my sis come jusco & join me
cz she wana buy shorts :)
thn v went back luu~ XD
1 word TIREDDDD !!!!

lazy update so nw sekali gus post all :P


  1. 你的生活很充实,好羡慕哦..

  2. haha
    mana ada
    this week oni lor xD

  3. aha, im so admire ur blog especially this article damn long @@ haha


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