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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

da 1st time.

da 1st time i pin my hair up niceeelyy.
da 1st time my class so quite.
da 1st time i scare teacherr & do her hw neatlyy.
da 1st time i so harworking & read cerpen.
da 1st time i do my tuition hw so seriousslyy & ans correct.

2day act mau lapor diri bt dunno y no nid alr~ yeshhh !
bt check nails nia.. i jz say SAYA ADA PAS thn okie alr~ :DD
eewww my tugas is mengelap tingkap ==
hate it !!!
da 1st & 2nd period teacher go 4 meeting so v all guai guai do hw in class
woahh ! 1st time 3S begitu senyap nyaaa !!!
even ME aso concentrate & do my hw nia~
hahah! miracleee~
mayb v r Form 3 nw sumur morning session
so all looks diff ><
i nt really like my form teacher ehhh
when she talks ada duri punya d ! eeewww !!
afta recess GG periodddd
OMG my teacherr looks like noobieeee~ ishhh :X
hahah da only 1 v can bullyyy :DD
2day he din teach us anythgs bt jz sat ther
& v talk talk talk & talkkk !!!
haha so damn shuang laa !
eee finali KH niaa~
i teached by En Yahya
i heard ppl said he damn lazy 1 & vry~ ee dunno hw 2 say~ LOL
my fren say he looks like d one of da powerpuff gal !~!!
hahah !! crazyyy la wei ! & they jz keep laughing therr~ :X
2day haven bell ring thn v came out & boleh balik alr lu~
act gt scout meeting 2day afta scul
bt if i stay bak no ppl fetch me backk so din stay bak lu ><
i lovee twO-Oh-Ohh-99999 !!!


  1. reopen is lik tat de . U wait more few weeks , sure like pasar ady. Bt is glad to knw u so hardworking. This year exam lo... Work hard la ... Haha...

  2. hahah yeaa lor..
    nw my frens all so guai leh..


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