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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

no friends anymore ?

eee 2day rumah biru punya ppl come & find me
soh yieng wrote my name at pasukan sorakan !! OMG
ee i dunwan lar weii !
sumur i thk my sis dun let barhh ?
bt at last lingling say OK & try c how first
eeee so i follow her lu :X
thn afta tat when recess eunice, minxuan & karying ask me abt it
they tell me that lingling said I WAN JOIN THIS ehh !! eewww !
& she just follow me only
nt me lar wei ! i dunwan join aso d
dammnn !!!
is u tel them say OK d !! nt me lar ! :@
now min xuan aso dun trust me bt trust u !!!! shuang liao la ?
deng ! act kelian infront others ppl la !! eewwww !!!
really superr geram when i heard that !
u make me very HATE you now.

p/s who saw this blog don't spread it out.
I just wanna let off.


  1. u reali joined sorakan rumah biru ar?
    kuantee gt call me join oso bt i ignore d cuz my mum wont let me join oso...dun k abt her la u,we trust u can d lo=) muakcz 0>.<0

  2. i dunwan join leh! ><
    i duno how.. my mom dun let aso la
    eeee makzai like aso dun trust me too ):

  3. u go find ur fren soh yieng la...say to her ur mum dun let lo....
    y mak zai dun trust u? she nt oso .. her meh?

  4. cheer leading is not so bad la..
    everything will be ok..
    Dont worry (:

  5. maoo,i duno my mom giv ant d larr
    i haven tel her aso..
    eee i duno her la ! ><

  6. mun, eee try first oni noe lor.. :)

  7. Erm..if u really dunwan just tell them la . And abt wat u wrote in yr blog , i had same stituation b4..but not joining pasukan sorakan la..i not so pretty like u .. haha :P..i knw tat feelings..maybe try ask her or talk to her ? Friendship should not broke so easily u always k ?

  8. eee u more pretty la !
    haihh i duno lar ><
    c first lar~

  9. heyy! cheer up! no big deal. tell then you don't wanna join lah. :D
    cheer up k? smiless =)


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