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Sunday, March 15, 2009

just view his blog
abt 3/4 days didn't talk to him
bcz of da thg?
mayb my fault i dhk?
i nvr blame u tht u cancelled d plan
m just em song & dunno y we all must chg our time bcz of her
m aso nt free lahh
u tot i really can skip tuition & guitar class evrytime?
these days u didn't come & find me chat d
i dhk u scare tht im angry?
sometimes wanna talk to you d
bt scare ltr end up argue again! ):
haix IDK wad 2 do lahh
hope we still friends! (:


  1. u learn guitar ? down also..

  2. haha thankss joyce, KAKAK & pandaaa! :D
    yea i learn guitar 1
    haha m better now lahh (:

  3. wooots future GUITARIST! be strong babe!

  4. it's ovr anyway
    dun leave it in ur heart
    im nothing now :)
    yea stil frens of cuz

  5. huiyo ___
    siao za bo
    everything will be alright

  6. weiyan, eeeee lol
    duno wad 2 say d
    anyway im nth now aso lahh (:

    siao za bo! aaa thanksss lah

  7. v all r gud frens la, shud not to k so much la, n it past, since every 1 nvm jor , den stay good lo~haha

  8. aiya ahkln i noe d lahh
    klakla~ LOL
    thanks la kahyeeeee :D


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