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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

18 March!

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (:
gonna wake up early in da morning again! ><
ytd i ask WeiYan call & wake me up cz I really scare i cant wake up 2day ler
eeee so darn nervous cz gonna hang out wif my buds! HAHAH!
abt 9 smt reach Starplus d
omgg! when I jz reach thr c somebody d
lol thts Chong Geng Cheng & Dominic
Rawr! somemore jz beside our court
&&! Ng Soh Chen stop calling model d okay? OMG lahh!
geeeee really so damn funnn! :DD
v just book 1 court so YeeHui, her bro & I go 2 another court & play ourself d
hahah really so ps lahh her bro seem so busy & tired d
cz he keep running here & thr & help us pick up d shuttlecock :P
gahhhh i love 2 play wid SohChennn!
hiakhiak~ feel so shuang lahhh hahah!
I play til half d thn SS d!
WeiYan like shocked HAHAH!
we play til abt 1030 thn walk 2 WeiYan hrs 2 take a shower LOL
YEEHUIIIIIIII! u bath really so darn slowww lahh xD
u din wash hair also need 30 mins?
p/s i bath faster thn u nia :)
an hours later v walk 2 Maluri Playground thr & wait 4 YeeHui's mom come & fetch us 2 Juscooo!
really felt soooo SORRY 2 YeeKay!
she wait 4 us abt 1 hourss? omg really so sorry lahh ><
it's 1210 now bt they hav 2 go home at 3smt ler
so v go up 2 cinema & buy tickettttt!
v watched Dragonball Evolution ;DDDD!
i rmb when m stil small I was just too addicted to it! & I gt a collection of it (:
RAWR!!! da ppl really so so so darrnn lengzai + yeng lahhh!
hahaha YeeKay keep SS thr bcz? he too lengzai d ==
really sazaiii lah! xD
& d YeeHui also
she say she so darn cold LOL (her fur xD)
v had our lunch at KFC be4 movie~
LOL v all LOVEE YeeSan soo muchhh la! :D
evryone rampas 2 take pics wif her HAHAH!
afta tht v just walking arnd & taking pics LOL!
omgg! v all really so perasan lah :DD!
p/s especially YeeeeeeHui! :P
they all back alr so left me & YeeHui lerr
v just keep walking at thr LOL
i dhk over 10 timessss?
really so boredddddd lahh somemore Jusco nth 2 walk 1 ><
about 5pm only back home d (:
eeeee 2day really met so many ppl lah.

adorable! :D

wid a prettty gal! (:

LOL! influenced by YeeHui xD

hahah couple! :3
wishh you can pass ur undang test la xD


  1. undang undang ??? wahhaha passed jor luhhh and and WHAT THE LEG!!!

  2. eee de fitting room at whre de ah??

  3. khai, LOL!
    wad wad d leg?! xD

    mak, errrm metro thr lor
    u noe alr d la

    joyceeeeeey THANKS! ;D


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