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Friday, March 27, 2009


26 March
geeeeee. 2day perhimpunan wanna line up according 2 name alphabet!
LOLs! my class all ppl dunwan move d so at last kena d ><
ishh! da Miss Low ni aaa mmg wad d lorr!
bcz of her, so 3s, 3m, 3k & 3e kena tahan!!
eeeee. i don't like lahh. Jin Ren & WeiYan behind me d
dua org ni keeep zat me! rwar!
midnight was raining d so d floor darn wet & v cant put our bag down
carrying d bag 4 almost 1 hours!
banyakk heavyyy weh! ><
but we no need go 4 Sc period d yeshhh! :)
after tht v go back class & d BC essay competition start!
eeeeeee! dunno wanna write which title d lahh
heee i dunno wanna how 2 write this essay d lahh
somemore front thr vry noisy!
nehh! Ong Wei Yan tu keep kacau me :X
eee i dhk i use 1 hours & 30 mins lik tht 2 finish my essay d LOL!
m not satisfy wid this essay d lahh but really no time to write anymore d so just stop there
Rawr! see ahkln's essay really make me feel tht my Chinese sucks weh!
darn pro lahh him.
his story really vry touchhhhed! :(
compare wid him mine can throw 2 recycle bin alr ><
after tht v all just sitting behind talk talk & talkkkk! :D
Moral, teacher din teach d
while BM & Seni no teacher~
so da whole day no lesson d & v just playyyy! :DD
after skul, v staying back 4 marching again! :X
haix maybe too long time din march d so hentak also no voiceee
eeeeeeee! some i stil cant make it perfect! RAWR!
then about 4smt went out wid JinShen & JingWen
v ran in d rain to 7-11 to buy Sluppeeeeee! :DDDD
aww vry niceeee!
but i prefer Green color flavour1 :3!
then we go back skul stay awhile d & went home @ 4.45pm! :)
27 March
wake up late 2day againnn! :X
haix after bath like not feeling well ):
headache + stomachache!
act really dun felt like going skul d
bt then feels better d so just go lor
ishh all my frens said i looks so pale :X
eeee Congrats 2 JunYaooo cz he becum pengawas tetap d :)
hahaa help me ya if i kena tahan!
haix 2day really so darn boredddd lahh in class!
wanna talk d but teacher teaching infront
especially Miss Low! rawr! she's like so em song d
lol 2day staying back again 4 debate competition!
eeeee. i took part be4 lehh! :P
i still rmb tht time i was so darn nervoussss! :X
haix our team lose d
debate wid Cathssy them ler ppl so prooo!
bt it's a good experience for me :)
yeshhh! our class team all win d! :DD
LOL saw Wee Siliang tht team debate really so darn funnyyy!
eeee! i dhk they taking part just for fun lahh.
& AiMei not bad wad xD
eee klaaa i stil haven hav my dinner so just update til here :)
p/s hugged my mojojo & AiMei 2dayy! :D



  1. haha
    when wee siliang talk, i keep laughing la xD his whole group din prepare

  2. hahaa yeaap! his team really so darn funny! :D
    LOLs! welcomeee honey! :3

  3. tat gruop reli zadao de lo!!!
    me laugh till stomach pain le!


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