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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

25 March

ishhh! 2day lewat 4 scul :X
geeee 2night must slp early!~
two days late for scul alr
bt luckily tdk ditahan lahh cz just late for abt 5 mins lik tht
2day skul quite boredddd lahh ><
especially SCIENCE!
eeeee! cant tahan lahh
dunno why time passed darn slow during sc period!
somemore 2day gt two teachers sit behind thr & look 4 us
rawr! make me cant finish my Mathsss!
& Sej also lahh
teacher teaching infront thr bt JiaJia & I talking abt LengZaiis behind! :DD!
eeee! not me start 1 d arrr!
is JiaJia suddenly ask now gt which stars lengzai 1
hahaa Raymond Lam really so darn charmingg lahh
bt JiaJia said he looks lik small kid -.-
p/s her taste bad! :P
Recess just wid MinXuan & KarYing d ><
almost all went 4 debate d RAWR!
eeee! i sure go & support Ching Sheong this Friday hiak xD
cant imagineeee! :PP!
ishh! ahkln & WeiYan din come d really so darn sienz lahh
tht si fei zhu sure slp late d abuden he won't didn't come 2day d
after recess KH period really like no mood wanna do kerja kayu
at last i just paku 3 d LOLs!
eeee! tht JinRen arrrhhh don't look down me!
all tot i dunno hw 2 do rawr!
haix gonna finish it at home d ler
then we go 2 APD Room
teacher say wanna oral d bt scare cant hear our voice at class so come here d
yeshhhh! really shuanggg!
ada air conddd :)
weeeeeeeee! Angel's speech so Awesome lahh.
maybe she always act 4 drama & speak on stage 1 so she lik nt nervous at all!
hahaa thn when JingWen's turnnnn! :D
ishhh she manyakk funny! LOL!
geee next week only my turn d!
so 1 more week for me to prepareee well (:
& I get back last year Sej' proj d!
taadaaaa! excellent :P!
hiakhiak really shuang lahhh xD
after skul staying back 4 discussing abt marching formation d
rawr! darn funny lahhh them! :)

to be d Comander xD
hahaaa his voiceee arr specialll! STYLE sendiri fuiyohh!
2day just about 8 ppl staying d so v just arrange d place & discuss abt d formation
weeeeeee! really yeng daooooo~ hahah xD
at last just left abt 5 ppl d so Edwin took some stones & ganti 1st
then Sir Chee Herng come over here & say wanna memupuk perasaan wid our own stones! LOLs!
hahaa about 330 went home d & bring along my stone! :D
geee thanks hong jun jie acc me 2day
paiseh lahh make him cant play bsb d xD
& I met Joyceeeeeee many times 2day! :))
klaaaa gonna stop here!

m lovin' it! :DD

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