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Friday, March 20, 2009

Yeshhh! ;DD

geeeee went out wid my girls 2day again! ;D
abt 10am thn go Kepong KTM Station & go 2 MidValeyy!
OMGGGG! ZiXuan's look really scare me lots!
superrr short shirt (like snow ppl1 LOL) + short jeans + booots!
RAWR! somemore her boot wear wrong legs 1 ><
really dunno how 2 say lahhh
i know i vry sui bt really cant tahan so keep laughing thr d PS!
&&! saw a LADYYY!
her look really darn 时尚 xD
shirt+skirt+GOLD bag+GOLD shoes+LONG socks! ==
YeeKay said hers not 时尚 is 史上 blablablahh xD
abt 1115 only reach thr :)
i dhk v too long time nvr go MidValey by KTM?
LOL! d entrance totally diff! bcz thr gt some upgrading work d
gahhhhh 1st station EAT! -- Arena d xD
eee i lovee Xuan's fooodd!
Japanese food :3! NICEEE!
bt d Green Tea just like mineral water LOL!
afta tht v go 2 cinema & buy tickettt!
act wanna watch Race to Witch Mountain d but so expensiveeee!
evryone saying dis movie darn niceee! woooots!
bt thn v decided 2 watch Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun Li! :DDD!
geeee it's 18PL! v all so scare cant buy d ticket lahh
so da last min I asked d ppl who stand infront us 2 help us buy ticket
eeeeee really THANKSS lots! & he superrr gooodd nia xD
YeeKay stil tot he won't so good lol
&&&! da ppll so darn richh! HAHAHA use Card lehh xD
then EAT AGAIN! ><
ishhh! Baskin Robinsss TAADAAA! :D
weeeee i loveee Mint Chocolate Chip! Yummyyyy! <3!
hahah ps lahh i know i eat vry slow xD
it's really so so so delicioussss! HAHAHAH
so im wanna man man dep! :P
OMG! 2day really eat a lot lahhh
before d movie start eat IceCream again! :))
goshhh! i know why this movie 18pl d lerrr
got some scene quite cruel? eeeee!
&! someone who called Nash in tht movie is so YONG SUI!
ahhahaha! v all stil tot gt leng zai come out frm da car but? LOL!
anyway this movie not bad wad :)
after movie~ SHOP again! :DD
hiakhiakhiak~ saw many shirt so damn niceee lah man! :P
but really mm seh dak ><
m nt like Mak Zai lahh so seh dak lehhh!
LOL v went Pets Wonderlandddddddd!
goshhhh! i wan da GOLDEN RETRIEVERRRRRR! <333!
RAWR! really so damnnn cutee! :D
aaaaa & d Chi Wa Wa! omgg! it's so SMALL! hahahah!
yorrrrrrrrr i wannnnt! ><
then we continue our shopping! ;DDD!
omgg! influenced by YeeKay lahh
she really sot d lahh
cant buy any clothes then must buy food! xD
before back home v bought Big Apple Donut & KFC! :)
almost all d money spend on FOOD! :P
about 5pm then went home d abuden later gonna sempit like sardin :X

pictures again! ;D


ZiXuannnn! xD

Baskin Robin

Ice Cream on her nose! ;P


geeeeee! <33

& here's a SPECIAL EDITION 2 my buds :)
Lahhh! ;DD

i dhk this is d handsomest pic? xD

he's learning Yuen Chee! xD

& his SEXY legs! xD

to me, he's really a very NICE guy, da way he talk superb funny!
& he always let me bully :P
really paisehhh!
last time i still cut his hair until gt a hole thr HAHAH~~
&&&! his file DAMN NICE1! xD
he really gt a lots of nickname lahhh
such as
rice germ bear, HIV Virus, finding angel, SITI's husband!, ni gou li, germ bear & many many moreee! :DD
ohyaaa! & 1 more
thts PI GU RUAN ZAI! hahaha~`
& he's da one who call me pi gu da zai pulak! xD
weeeeee wished him ytd at 1207am!
luckily niaa xD
abuden ltr "ni gou li" cant wish him at 12sharp lehh :)!
last but not least, HAPPY BUFDAY again!
all da best ya :DD
&&&! treat your wife better arhh! hahah SITI! :P
tht's all for 2day! XO ;DD!

BFF means?
BoyFriend fat liao?


  1. omgggggg!!!! xuan reali din upgrate her taste de lo n my sis oso said dat =p weiyan:BFF=BOY FREN FEI LIAO!!! xD

  2. haha agree wid d handsomest pic XD

  3. hahahaa yeehui!
    u vry sui d lahh
    bt it's TRUTH! ;D
    BFF pulak~

  4. LOL sheylin! :P
    cz his others darn yong sui nia xD

    Mun hiak hiak xD

  5. LOL...
    yee hui damnn sui..
    Saturday i went midvalley too!

  6. hahahaa comeee!
    now im eating Ice Cream also :P

    haha she bat lao aso sui d laa xD
    i noe arrr.. ur blog wrote tht lol

  7. aiyo!!! i noe i vry sui la xD haha

  8. hahaa yeehui u bat lao aso sui d la xD
    hehe honeyyy SAME! :D


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