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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Part of my life :)

Was supposed to write a long post here but I'm lazy & the pics are too big to upload ;x So just few updates here :)


  • Interview for the scout AJKs.

Finally, its my turn :O
Apprehensively, I entered the classroom & did alot of mistakes before the interview started ;X
I'm being so noob answering those questions, eew!

Btw, thanks someone who supports me alot & taught me alot of things :))

  • A day to PULAU KETAM :D ♥
I got no school today bcz of Hari Anugerah. :) Hahah the stupid baby don't believe me when I said I requested for it :P Well, I followed my sista & her friends go to Pulau Ketam for her nutrition club's stuffy. The environment over there seriously not bad, but many mosquitoes ;x They busying recruit the aunties while I walking arnd & took some pics :D

Today's lunch was madawesome ♥ :)
simple dishes but mouth-watering & the quantity :O about 50++ PRAWNS!!

; NATURE's ♥

Thursday aka TODAY,!

The Form 4s are having english choir competition today at school hall :)
&&&& fortunately,
our class got the CHAMPION for art stream :DD
Well, I guess nth to be happy bcz we didn't put much effort in it and our performance is so simple =/
Btw, CONGRATS to 4E & 4K :D

PS// We changed our class assistant monitor
Of course, I prefer KinBoon than the useless CL! :DD hehh!


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