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Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Merentas Desa :D


Weeeee, I'm on duty this year so don't need to run under the hot sun. But duty isn't relax also, its so blardy HOT with the uniform @@ Lol Eunice and I were camwhore-ing while waiting for them & we got a super shady place xD hehh. This year don't really have much ppl running, but we can see many pairs passing by :))
*Aaaw, im really so envy lahh bcz he didn't do so last yearr ><

All SS pics as she requested xD

hahahah cutee! ;D

looks so old right?

ehhh, BMW larhh! XD

sa pohhh!

acting.. lol

thn we started to playy with Shadoww!~ :D ♥


Hahah she's JUMPING! *by the roadside

she said she loves this pichaa ;D ♥

she looks like her bro here :&

* spot the nametag! BRIAN YAP =/

Eunice took it & she claimed that she is artistic :P
CHEER UP my buddy! =D

Wednesday's night,

Sister attended Ah Beng's bday party & qing gong yann!

eeew, envy larhh!

two prettiessss! =D


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