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Sunday, April 04, 2010

200 ; Yesterday's

3.4.2010 Sat,

Scout activity was carry out like usual :)
Today was FUNNN! :D
& not formal at all o.O
of course its everyone's favourite, WATERR!
And today's ketua is Lee Ron Kit, unexpected =/

photo session now =D

eeew its so disgusting
& I guess Eunice stepped on it? o.O

Form 1, copy log at the canteen & some of them are having test.

Form 2, marching + WATER! :D

On the other hand, Tien Jiang & Zhen Wei were helping Joshua to clean the QM =D
& this is what they found, DISCO LIGHT! *rock*

I wonder what is he looking at xD

the evil one @@

they ALL IN WET!

hmm this scene is so freaking funnehh :P
both of them got crashed onto each other
and I guess the boy didn't touch anything? o.O

And next,
station game :D
The ikatan station :)
and this is where & when I was laughing like a maniac infront of adik =/

he looks cute here! xD

made by HongJun :DD

and its smt related to water again xD

comander cross ._.

curi makan AHHAHA
*ignore my stupid face =/

those who attended scout activity ytd,
they will know why we posed that :P HAHAHHA!

again LMAO!!

& of course, we do camwhore!

TzeYang acting cool & the other one.. you knw right? xD

Time flies.
Its time to say byebye :(



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