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Friday, April 02, 2010


Boo, I'm just so lazy to update my blog recently
Oh well, today is APRIL FOOOOL ;D
and of course the clever me didn't been tricked by anyone HAHAH
After assembly today, our class have to stay back due to the reason - we didn't line up ._.
So lucky we didn't caned by En Lim but standing at the assembly ground pointless for half an hours =/
after get back to the class, I am so so freaking happyyy! =DD
HAHAHAHA I don't knw why?
maybe because of praised by En Lim? XD o.O
everything just goes smooth ;)
today consider as the best day throughout the week because I have no stress~ etc. And and I KO-ed HIM! XD
Maybe some people will know who do I mean hehh

spot the spiral thingyy! o.O

And this, our entertainment during science lesson =D
created by Pua Chun Wee :)
HAHAHAHAH its fun!

And not forgotten,
have a blastt!

i miss you.


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