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Monday, April 05, 2010

Ah Beng & Ah Lian! =D

Did you guys watch WOOHOO?
I dhk everyone know it right? xD
the part II is coming sooon! ;D
My sis is so damn lucky lahh!
She got the chance to help the actors to make up bcz her school sponsored :)
Here's some picture which I grab from her camera xD

the studios @ Cheras :)

My sis asked me to be kelefeh which is act like fans & chase after Lam Tuck Weng for rm80 per show woots! :D


with Ah Boy & Royceee :D

My sis said that his face is so oily & fat xD HAHAH!
but he is so friendly and funnyyy :)

Aaaaw, she help my idol to make up :(( envy sial.

I miss the boyfriend ♥


  1. lol whr ur sis study oh? damn lucky xDD

  2. hmm Mode make up academy :D
    yeahh larh damn envy larh! ><


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