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Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Brand New Month ;D

Evening, kite flying @ Desa Park City :D

seems like she had so much fun xD

it's so tinyy :D:D *but I hate this type of dog ._.

SEE! It comes near me :D

simply love this picha ♥

000 :) she looks slim here ;p credits to me!

look up the sky, thr's so many kites :D

camwhore friend of mine :D

me likey! ♥♥♥ :D

okay, it's HUGE o.O

SPOT! It's wearing shoes ;x

HengLeng & me :)

first time hanging out with them :D

sistalove ♥

okay, camwhore time :D

retarded face ._.

while I'm on the phone, I still able to smile & take pic ;p

HengWei :D:D ♥

ah 0! :D

After trying 1234567890 times, we're STILL FAILED! ._.
PS// not our problem but the kite okay? & we're just beginner! :)

btw, I've changed my blog header :D:D
any comments about it? :) Thankyou!

I know August will be another splendid month surely! ;)


  1. Dun fancy small dogs either and that Husky is much bigger n fluffier then mine o.O" sigh, whish there s a park like that here

  2. I miss my kite-flying days. :|

  3. haven't fly a kite for so long....miss that a lot

  4. Glo-w~*; I don't really like small dogs except it's super cute :D the Husky is superb :O

    Jep; I miss the old times :(

    M-Knight; it's been years I didn't go for kite flying dy ._.

  5. Woo, i'm the first to comment your header! one word says it all "fantastic"!..I like it:D especially the left!

  6. The first time I tried kite flying, the string attached to the kite broke and my kite flew away and drop off somewhere.

    Didn't know where it went to. Such a disappointing event for me.

    But I'll like to try to fly one again. =)

  7. Oh. Desa Park City, I go there quite often. Usually sipping coffee in Coffee Bean there lol.

  8. awww~ you got nice sweet frens to hang out with~ not like me >.<'''

  9. Muhd Zulhairy; It's okay since you're the first time try kite flying :) yupp go try again! :D Don't feel dissapointed larh :D

    Simon Seow; Oh really? Haha I always go there to relax wan :)

    Cassie; haha yuppp! why not? I'm sure you got too :)

  10. I like your new header design. It's eyecatching and makes you want to read further down to see what your blog is about.

    Also, good day to fly a kite.

  11. Reputation@Stake; Thankyou so much! :) Appreciate your visit much :D

  12. fun in the sun ! haha i dont think i know how to fly a kite haha my kite can never fly high one

  13. vampire; yup! :D
    hahaha aiyah sure can wan lah i also like that at first ;p

  14. alwiz wanted to fly a kite there but alwiz tak jadi coz no kaki hahaha

  15. Kelly C; haha can fly a kite urself too! :)


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