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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Of Laughter and Craziness

Another happy & lovely Thursday;

was doing experiment :)
formation of rainbow!

can your see the rainbow? :)

@ Science Lab 

After school, we girls got dating :D
Went Nelson Tan (somewhere near Carefour, Kepong) to makan :D !!
Oh, and our theme for today is BLUE :)
Let me intro to your my girls,

#1 MakZai :)

#2 KaiWen :)

#3 Eunice :)

#4 Hui Ann :)

#5 LingLing :)

#6 Yuh Jiun aka ME :D

girls on right :)

and girls on left :)

Eunice, Ling, Jiun, Ann :D

Here's my honey longan :D KaiWen and I ordered the same :)

her kikapoo :D

Strawberry milkshake :)

Coke float, I guess

Honey Lemon! :)

and finally our foods arrive :D
It's fish fillet rice :)

the organizer :D

were busy eating!

bbq fish pasta, I think :)

me feeding 00 :D

group picha before we left :)

camwhore time :D

look at this two fella xD

they not full enough and order dessert again :)

wai sek!

after ._.

and this :D strongly recommended! ♥

$$ !!

Okay, it's freaking XX calculate money there ;x LOL!

kacau while she was busy calculating :P

HuiAnn :D

After that, we walked to Metro Prima as exercise ._.
4 of them went back home & left me and HuiAnn walking around inside D:
but we actually chat a lot and smt about our future hahahah!

end with a fugly picha ._.

LingLing and I have planned a week ago!
And we're so glad that it's ON :D
Thank you girls for the cooperation :) ♥
Did your enjoyed? Yes, I am :D

I am somebody's reason to smile.
I am somebody's happiness. =)


  1. HAHAH i used to calculate the price before paying with my calculator as well :p

  2. wah..the bill must come to a huge amount until use scientific calculater...

  3. Hilda; hahaha much more smarter than us ;p

    Bern; who wanna steal your calculator lah? ;p

    Roonie; haha not really? :)

  4. Aww! I miss my secondary school days.

  5. hello, actually not big amount but we need to count how much we gonna pay for what we eat, so need to divide..and there's taxes so need to devide also~

  6. omg omg omg i really miss my school...

  7. Jan; hahaha :) It's fun in secondary school!

    Jack Ng; LOL!

    zida; haha pay a visit to ur school then :)

  8. kwong fei; yupp! :) girls can keng sam si :D

  9. money so many but eat little only ooo so expensive ler! :p

  10. Eric; lol exp meh? actually consider vry cheap already weyyy!


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