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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Popiah, me love :D

Since today is our pig member, KaiPin aka Popiah's birthday, we're going to have a surprise for her! :D
Plan A failed, but luckily we have another Plan B yesterday!
First, YiWen aka the head librarian asked her to stay back for lps stuffy while YuenChee and I rush out to buy cake for this lil girl! Settled everything, missed call them & YiWen lied to her that she's hungry and brought her to canteen :)

lighting up the candle :)

before; looks nice :D

after; the cake burnt ._. LOL!

ze birthday girl :D

Hahaha, glad that she'd surprised :D
Oh, should say thanks god she's not that smart ;p
Btw, intro to your this two childish kia! ._.

SheyLin and YiWen -.-

Lastly, happy b'day KaiPin! :D
have a blast and sweet 6teen! ♥
PS// You should know that I love you so much even I rush out to buy cake for you under the big hot sun! As your know, I'm kinda missy so you should really appreciate what I've done for you!! :P


  1. Tot you were referring to the real Popiah... that is one of my fav food~~

  2. i was cheated here..... =D no popiah also,,,

  3. u say got popiah... see duh hav T.T

  4. hahaha we got fooled. Happy birthday to popiah. :)

  5. you're one of the 'pig member' also?? should change the way i address you next joke~joke~ Btw, Happy birthday KaiPin!:D

  6. Hahaha sorry guys!

    chenlin; haha yup! :) change like how? lol btw thanks! :D

  7. at first i though it's about the popiah food.. haha.. =P

  8. i thought what special popiah u going to introduce haha ~~~ nice one~~~

  9. i thought a real 'popiah' too... huhuhu...

  10. Hm, i don't really understand why people were expecting a popiah since you already wrote 'aka' in front of the nickname? :/ Haha did you edit the entry or something, because the comments are confusing me lol. And the cake makes me hungry. Haven't had proper food in days. X_X

  11. Oh HAHA i see the title of the entry now. Yeah i would have been fooled, too. That was a good one. Now that makes me crave for popiah -.-

  12. A surprise again. Your friends must be lucky. C:

  13. Lixin; Hahaha yeah! Oh, luckily I don't like to eat popiah :)

    Jep; heh, yup she is! :)

  14. so nice the cake, n the gals. XD

  15. John; haha thanks :)

    tolanic; lol :)


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