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Monday, August 09, 2010

Beautiful Monday! ;)

My routine for the day :D
Awesome eh? :)

Oh. And I got a super good news :)
EHEM! I MIGHT performing on December :D
Not dancing or singing, but guitar :) *crossed finger*


  1. hi hi...thanks for ur comment n ur visit...just a small humble site of mine....yours is very nice too...where r u from?

    smiled on ur nuff alliance bank ads...enjoy

  2. Cool! YJ in guitar performance! Enjoy the performance ya! Btw, remember to share it here!:D

  3. vialentino; I'm from kl, m'sia :) thankyou btw!

    Sherry; thanks :)

    chenlin; hahah thankyou sure sure :D

    ken; yup agreeee :D

  4. U knw guitar??
    Lets ply 2gether !! ;)

  5. i wish i know how to play the guitar! so cool eh!

  6. i miss my school days haha regretted i skipped so many days of school just because i cant get out of bed

  7. Do you have your performance loaded on youtube? Would like to see you play the guitar :)

  8. Everlyn; yup, no prob :D you know too?

    calvinn; hahaha go and learn then! :)

    vampire; lol I'll skip school if i know it's super boring day ;p

    Tristhan; till now nope :)
    plus going perform on December not so soon larh

  9. Almost same like my routine lol. Wow cool that u play guitar. Im starting to learn and im taking guitar principles for my electives this sem.

  10. Snowman; heh thanks! :D

    chris federick; lol high 5! :) yup and all the best to you too!

  11. wow you can play guitar? awesome man! btw, don't be so relax during class. you're supposed to study xD

  12. Hilda; yup, thankyou :) Hahaha yeah I did study :P


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