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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun above the clouds!

Last Saturday, went to Genting straight after school with mummy & sista :D
It's so sudden because my sista's boyfriend has free room & he booked hotel for us two days ago :)
Awww, it's been ages I didn't go to Genting already, especially with the family ._.

our room, 3922 ;)

with momma :)

sista, mummy and me ♥

my elder sista, prettay? :D

We camwhored about half an hour and went shopping around in First World later :)

diabolo performances @ First World :)

next, the clown :)

he made me smile :)) heh

After dinner @ PizzaHut, we went back to hotel & rest because going for movie about 8 plus later :D
*Adventure of the king* It's freaking nice & funny!!
overall rated 8/10 :D go grab a ticket and watch nw! :)

sistalove ♥

Oh, and my new earring :D the other side is handcuffs ;)

as usual, starbucks at night :D
Credits to me for the treat ._. 30 bucks gone TT

I'm addicted to Chocolate Cream Chip! ♥ :D

The next morning;
packed everything and ready to go to Theme Park! :D

our outfit for the day :D


our first stop! ;)

me likey this :D syok but scary ._.

spot me, the one with red bag :O

@ Beryl's chocolate wonderland :)

Merry-go-round! ;)

going up to Dino Park :)

fake one ;x lol

and this, my favourite :D


Shall end this with a pic of myself :D

Overall is FUN! ;)


  1. poor family members~~ stuck with xiao qi gui

  2. nice photos.... can't wait to go there !

  3. wow so fun! i like the white beanie and yr sister's rose earrings (:

  4. u know what.. i was there also ( sat ) LOL!

  5. wow... nice one! pretty girls wor! :D

  6. Steven; grr go away you!

    Roonie; thanks :D I might going again during raya holidays! :)

    Hilda; heh thankyou :)

    eminey; really?! too bad never met you D:

    Henry; hah thanks alot! :D

  7. your sis sure have a pair of big eyes xD

    uh, I havent been in Genting theme park b4 >.<

  8. wow.. looks so much fun have that day! ^^

  9. Pek Chek Kia; haha yup she has :D Don't be sad, sure you'll have chance to go there one day :)

    fzikuz; yeaah :D heh!

  10. hi yuhjiun will the park recommended for boyz? lol :D

  11. I mis the way, u hv gd skin =D

  12. ph1l1p; lol means? ._.

    Everlyn; haha where got? lol btw thankyou! :D

  13. can i say on honest word? ur sis more pretty than u. ahahaaha~~~~

  14. John; oh yes, you can :) Hahaa it's the fact so I don't mind ;p


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