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Sunday, January 09, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

My title says it all.

Nuffnang is always my favourite site where comes up with fabulous events, contests and screenings, like Vaseline Party, LG Cookie Monster party and lots of Nuffnang gathering. Alright, guess what is the most hit & fehmes event nao?

Why Nom Nom? Basically it is an amazing race in food edition :O And this is why I MUST take part in it HAHA.

Alright, it's true or dare time. To be honest, I am a freaking fat biatch during primary school time. No joking *serious face* People are shocked when they saw my freaking-skinneh&slim body now. Sorry for the perasan-ness HAHA. But seriously, I've no idea how I slimming down actually. Naturally, perhaps? :P

comparing time HAHA.

Actually I got more fat&retard picture but I can't find it and I'm shy to show kay. But no worries, I am slim now. :P Ahh no, I mean, at least I am not that fat right now. LOL. I have had a big appetite last time, that's why. Seriously I found out that I am so terrible last time. When I was boring, I EAT. Yeah, sounds so lame but it is the truth. :( By the way, I love comfy tee! So I think M size would fit me perfectly :D

Oh yeah, I wonder our awesome Nuffnang and Maxis are so rich and high-tech right now where they use Iphone 4, the Finder301 application and Wireless Broadband, ALL available through Maxis in this challenge! :O Not forgot to mention that I am a Maxis Angel since I have had my own cellphone during primary school time :D

By the way, not forgotten to confess why am I so eager to take part in it. First and foremost, I LOVE AMAZING RACE! I've took part once last year with my crazy bunch of friends! It was real fun! :D Missed out my awesome post? Check it out here :P

Secondly, I can meet new friends :D Just like the inniters gathering we organize ourself :) Imma looking forward for more gathering like this :D eps pool HAHA.

Thirdly, I LOVE FOOD :D Friends and I always go to some new restaurant and discover foods AWW :)

Lastly, we may stand a chance to win the great prizes! A trip to Hong Kong 3 days 2 night with five-star accomodation and a HTC smart phone for each member! :O Sorry being so materialistic. :P

Truth to say, I've not been to overseas since 7 years old, poor thing :( And I wish to change my old&stupid phone long ago. Now Nuffnang and Maxis could fulfill all my wishes at one time YAY :D

By the way, surely I won't go to Hong Kong alone but with my lovely teammates along. Dang! Meet the I EAT, I RUN, I WIN! Our team consist of two handsome & two pretties HAHA

From the left: Bern, Jayren, Lih Wern and yours truly, Yuh Jiun :)

With Bern and Jayren's intelligent & good sense of direction, Lih Wern and I the shopaholic, the team of 4 sure win! :D *crossed finger hardly* AZA AZA!

Seriously I found out the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race is so worth it where we can get free yummeh foods & grab a chance to HK! So oh-sum, isn't it? :)

flying to Hong Kong, bye peeps :D

P.S. It it my second time taking part in Nuffnang contest. So please, Nuffnang! Don't ever fail me again :(



  1. What's yr first contest? All the besttt ah! Too bad I can't join )):

  2. ahh ganjeong!! good luck to ya..

  3. wah.. so fast form a team liao.. surely win liao.. but wait a min.. is underage allowed?

  4. goodluck in ur HTC ...and 5 star hotel trip ^^

  5. wow! cool post! best of luck dear! =)

  6. all the best girl :D sorry i can't join you guys :(

  7. Thankyou peoples!

    Hilda: Jipaban :D

    Tikkoss: YES LAH grr.

  8. Lih Wern too ? WOOTS :) All the best !!

  9. LOL! u r not tat fat in secondary school time!

  10. Thanks! :D

    Simonh: Ahhhh, too bad I can't find last time punya picture :( DAMN FAT seriously

  11. :D Oh man, feel like joining this too, but, aihz, no one can drive can...*still young* :p

    Feel free to go to my

  12. Jinwei: ask some friends who can drive lah. HAHA I am underage too man :P

    Vince: YES LA :P

  13. Goodluck babe! It looks fun! Would love to join it next time ^^ Gambadeh~

  14. you're so not fat in that pic! I've forever been fat though. -__- i was slim for only 6 months and then GONE goes my glory days. ;(

  15. Steph: thanks babe! :)

    RS: LOL I took that picture during form 3 pleaseee LOL

  16. Yoyoyo!
    Read your post and decided to wish you a very GOOD LUCK!

  17. lol why take this Jayren foto? haha farny wei


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