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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race-Sate Kajang

I am so full, I'm gonna daiiiiiiii..

Surprisingly that I am still alive with 2 meals within 3 hours :O Why on earth is YuhJiun so pro that she can tweet, update facebook status and running in the same time!? HAHA And we are now doing the eating and blogging part!

Anyway I have to write a letter to Latte nao :D


Have you ever tried rabbit meat? It sounds so disgusting to me AWW D: Anyway we are having our freaking yummeh rabbit meat at Sate Kajang Hj Samuri at Damansara Utama. In this 16 years, I do really hate to eat rabbit or goat meat but now I've change my mind. It's so juicy and tempting!

The interior is kind of traditional Malay style :)

Anyway, Latte, let's make you drools for more.

First, allow us to quench our thirst. Eating sate without a glass of fresh syrup is not an enjoyable thing. luckily we have one.

Here comes the main attraction, SATE!! 

There's a few variety of sates. Like chicken, beef, goat and deer. Most of the meat are really tender and juicy. It's really awesome and delicious.

Not forgot to mention, the Nasi Impit with the delicious peanut sauce!

Hj Samuri Kajang satay is pretty famous. I'm sure every Malaysian of all walks of life should have tested it once. But fear not, there is an outlet at Damansara Utama. You can find the outlet easily here and perhaps you can contact them at 03-77105318. Or else, visit their main headquarters at the awesome town of Kajang.

Yay here's our third food review! I'm rushing to another place, I'm gonna daiiii... to be continued.



  1. Haji samuri sate not good laaa..

    people at kajang always eat sate at food court sungai ramal kajang...
    there have good sate shop..

  2. ya, food court one better.
    boy, I missed the kajang satay....


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