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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race-Tarbush


Yes! We are here at the second place! After turn and turn and turn, we've finally found our way to the second place here. The place is not that hard to find, and no! We are not lost! Every team is rushing to the venue and we saw few team here also. We are running against time now! We need to be fast!

Now is 2 in the afternoon, and our team, I EAT I RUN I WIN is blogging from Restaurant Tarbush. It's at LG2.123, Sunway Pyramid, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Well, isn't it is obvious that it's inside Sunway Pyramid. Here, we had the opportunity to eat all the awesome food here in Arabian style. The restaurant is a authentic Malaysian restaurant. The concept of the restaurant is the fusion of middle Eastern desert and royalty palace environment straight from the city of Beirut, Lebanon.

The restaurant serves Middle Eastern cuisine. The price of the food is quite reasonable and the taste is just too awesome, we don't know which to eat and which to not eat, we just eat all the food! And no diet for today! YAY :P

Now, where shall I start to introduce the food. Okay, let's start with the drinks of the day.

There's two kind of drinks which is Lemon Na'na' and Ice Lemon Tea :D It taste so refreshing!

Daud Basha - lamb meat ball cooked with tomato gravey and served with white rice. The meat  is tender and contains delicious and strong texture when you bite on it. Served with hot white rice.

Arabic Bread which suits prefectly with Hommus that you should never missed it out!

Cream caramel is a very locally Arabic infused dessert. The cream caramel is sweetly crafted and contains the essence from the sweet Arabic.

OHMYDEAR, it is so tempting! Salivary flavor combines with 1001 Arabian Nights closer to our home. What's waiting? Place your reservation for delicious Arabic and Lebanese cuisine at 03-56339222.

Okay, time flies. We got to go off and run and drive to the next station. Stay tune to our blog, 3 more post to go! See you :D Continue support us yeah, thankyou!

I wonder if Latte will get this e-mail or not? Nom nom nom..



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