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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Driving is fun :p

HI! I am back for updates again. Sorry that I am really so busy with my stuff recently until I haven't done CNY shopping. AWW :( Oh yes, it is freaking weekend again that I get to relax myself finally. Off to lunch with the boyf kat Aman Puri! And guess what, he taught me driving after lunch :D Oh yes, I guess I'm addicted to it since it looks fun HAHA.

HAHA I look better x100 okay. :p

Oh yay I lost my blogging mojo whereby I shall stop here. Tomorrow's the last week of schooling before CNY! I need 36 hours a day, puh-leaseeee :(



  1. I can't imagine you learning driving in Mr Bean's car,Hah!hah!

  2. i like mr bean's car.. so cute lah wey!!

  3. I love driving too! : D But there's a big difference from driving the instructors' cars to driving my parents' lame Kia Carnival -_-" Their car is like a freaking FERRY to manage around.

  4. thomas: okay it's freaking funneh AHHA

    Casley: go buy :P

    나니: HAHA but now my skill still consider as damn dangerous :P not love driving larh but kinda curious maybe? :)

  5. ok, if u drive like Mr BEan, must warn before hand ok, I avoid your car keke :p

  6. Andy: HAHA I'm way much better okay :P

    Jessy: why scary larhhhhh

  7. haha i can imagine u having the same expression as mr.bean inside the car..haha i stay in aman puri!!!didnt c u LOL

  8. domokun: aiyah call you next time when I go there! :P eleh I can't imagine HAHA.

    Kelvin: sureee :p

  9. aww, so nice of him...practice more then you will be perfect when u sit for the real test

  10. driving is fun. especially when u drive above 100km/h. but it's sucks when u drive 50km/h when the road in front of u is empty.

  11. Joeanney: Haha yesh!

    John: LOL I still not stable ah how to speed XD

    Hilda: Hahahah yesh :P


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