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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Afternoon High Tea ft. The Butterfly Project's Website Launch Celebration

Good morning lovelies! Did you guys notice anything has changed on my blog? Blog layout, new header, profile picture, any new gadgets added or perhaps... BINGO! I've got my own domain like finally! So now you can read my blog at and no worries, the old URL will automatically link back to my new domain :) Speaking about my own domain, I have to thank the Butterfly Project for inviting me to an afternoon high tea for their website launch celebration in collaboration with ServerFreak blogging kick starter workshop. Scroll down for more if you are keen to purchase your own domain or start up a blog with wordpress :)

Beautiful dessert table set up by Ask Joey - The Sweetest Party. She has been the Butterfly Project's resident party planner where you can see her masterpiece in every Butterfly Project's events. Romantic vintage theme high tea with lots of beautiful pastel pink desserts and florals and dressed up with lovely English tea cups and tea pots and vintage props; bird cage, wooden box and etc. Isn't she talented? :)

The main highlight: pink ombre cake for the Butterfly Project's website launch celebration.

As the title suggests, it's an afternoon high tea after all and we're so glad to have Teaffani English Tea as our sponsors. Thank you so much for the delicacies and I gotta say that it's so yummyyyyy especially the fruit tarts are very much to my liking ♥

Happy girl indulging the yummylicious desserts and having her tai-tai high tea :)

Heart warming door gifts sponsored by the Butterfly Project :)

As the afternoon high tea was held for the purposes of the Butterfly Project's website launch celebration, there is a cake cutting session and welcome speech by the Butterfly Project SWAT team. Look at their happy faces!
(From left to right) Ayna Jalal, Caroline, Tammy, Illy Ariffin, Nala and Kay GlossyAllure

Special performance (singing) by Edazz Lucinda to show her love towards the Butterfly Project ♥

While we're having our high tea treats, there is a blogging kick starter workshop by ServerFreak to teach us how to start a blog with their wordpress blogging package. ServerFreak is one of the fastest growing hosting providers in Malaysia; they specialize in providing web hosting solutions for almost all range of purposes - personal blogs, email solutions, corporate websites, databases and many more.

Steps involved in setting up wordpress blog:
  1. Register domain name and update nameservers
  2. Create MSYQL database and username
  3. Installing wordpress
  4. Search for suitable templates, configure, setup
  5. Install plugins and widgets
  6. Finally... start blogging!

There are actually 6 steps to set up a wordpress blog and I think I would've stuck at step 2 as I don't know what is MSYQL database T_T I believe that there are many people out there have delay their plan to have a blog simply because they did not know how to setup or they felt learning the technical is just taking up too much time just to have a blog. Hence, ServerFreak has launched the Wordpress Easy Setup Package to solve your problems! Once you sign up with ServerFreak, you will get their wordpress templates for free fully installed with all the basic widgets needed to get you started. (eg. Facebook page, popular posts, stats) And now all you need to do is just focus on writing your blog! Straight jump to step 6 and ServerFreak will settle the rest for you, isn't it the best? :D

With only RM298 for the first year and renewal fees RM198 per year, you can enjoy the all-in-one services including a free domain! You may check out the demo here if you have no idea that how it works. Apart from the wordpress blogging package, ServerFreak also provide other services such as domain name registration which I've signed up during the event, virtual private network (VPN) and web development.

Well I gotta praise for their efficiency and good services where I can activate my new domain one hour later I've made the payment. They also reply promptly and ask me whether I've encounter any problem one day after to ensure everything goes well. (*I did not get paid for saying this) After the workshop ended, we continue #girlsbeinggirls; photo session!

with Furfer, the "queen" of the day :p

with Innanie Ariffin, the turquoise couple!

Mai Sarah with her smoking hawt blondie-like hair!

Personally love this picture very much, so peaceful ♥

Last but not least, a picture with our mamasan, Tammy!

Million thanks to the Butterfly Project, I can cross out one of my bucket list: my own domain name! Can't wait for this Saturday's potluck party with my pretty butterflies, anyone else going too? :P


  1. great event! and great post about hosting your blog!

    xx Liz

  2. OMG looks like you had agreat time..and the delicacies have got me drooling here, esp the ombre cake..

  3. All looks utterly beautiful!


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  4. Such a pretty pretty gathering!! :) Love all the pink!

  5. hello butterfly~~ haha didnt know butterfly eat cake too. =p


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