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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

16 June

kena tangkap again during 2day assembly.
bcz my fingernails too long & my pass lost d.
wth ><
wonder why evrytime skul reopen da 2nd day sure ditangkap wan ;x
at last just kena demerit & go back to classroom
2day can say darn syok in class lahh :DD
chat & laughing thr da whole dayy.!
during KH lesson lagi teruk lahhh
all of us didn't bring buku nota & just sitting thr talk talk talk
feel so sorry to teacher lahh
but at last i also gt copy notes & listen to teacher d wehhh ;P
and its da 1st time? :D

read colourful ppl's essay.
omgg so touchh lah :x
i love reading his essay ;PP
(jangan perasan xD)
aaaw. wonder if my essay so good like his wan ><
da last two period my class are so damn noisyyy!
especially our gang thr? :DD
LOL ahkln them keep talking bout yellow thgs lahh :x
and and and
not I want to listen or what
is u all talking at my place thr RAWRR!
& I laugh bcz its so funny lah lol

p/s 3s, 2mrw dont hv ceramah so pls bring ur books lahh :)

you know what...


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