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Monday, June 15, 2009

15 June

raining in da early morning
and no assembly tdyy ;DD
evryone is chatting thr & discussing bout proj lol

gaahhh got seni paper tdy =)
woooots! paper 2 41/50?
1st time got so high marks x)
but but but!
paper 1 sucks lahh! omg ;x

many ppl go & ask teacher for more marks
at last i got 3 extra marks also
hiak hiak :DD

ermm BI paper can say got quite high marks?
gaaahhhh ;P
78% xD
eee! mayb its quite bad for the others but I'm vry satisty with this alr :)
&& I win RonKit they all
Edwin, its not miracle but I'm PRO :P
but the other subj like BM & Science sucks lahh
science nvr study at all ;x
and I'm da lowest i dhk?
I dont want to be the last again.



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  1. Hi, just accidently click on ur profile..still rmb me?

    First, congrat abt all ur mark first, i duno hw do u think, bt for me very good ady..well done ya..

    Anyway, u r not alone always, there's so many fren surround u, urs beest fren ever..take care and god bless you!


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